How to Get Away With Murder Review: “We’re Bad People”

How to Get Away With Murder Review:

Chris Chalker, Staff Writer

How To Get Away With Murder has returned!

Last we saw, the hook for the season was a fire at the Keating House. Annalise returned home to see her home ablaze and we soon learned that the fire had killed one and injured another. Laurel Castillo, played by Karla Souza, was injured by the fire and Wes Gibbins, portrayed by Alfred Enoch, was killed in the fire. What has happened up until this point? Michaela Pratt’s (Michaela is played by Aja Naomi King) mother dropped by, Connor Walsh (played by Jack Falahee) hooked up with Thomas to spite Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora), his former boyfriend, Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) finally returned and he and Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) started a relationship, Laurel also is revealed to be pregnant.

What exactly has happened in season three, episode 10: “We’re Bad People”?

The baby

Fans have speculated who was the father of the baby Laurel was pregnant with. This was all put to rest in this episode. Laurel reveals that the baby is in fact Wes’.

Annalise in prison??

Annalise has been arrested for the murder of Wes and arson for “burning down her home”. This leaves the Keating Five, now the Keating Four to cope with the loss of Wes and it also leaves Bonnie and Frank as the only ones who can help Annalise.

Both of these do not go well. Frank and Bonnie try their best but it doesn’;t work as Annalise’s bail request is denied and she is forced to remain in prison to await trial.

As far as the Keating Four…

Michaela and Asher seem to be taking Wes’ death really hard… that is of course nothing compared to how torn up Laurel seems by this, whereas Connor seems alright with it and doesn’t seem to feel much remorse about his death. Asher even attacks Connor after he badmouths his deceased friend.


Wes could have been killed by anyone and that’s truthful. He is a likely target for the Mahoney’s due to the murder of Wes’ father, Wallace last season and the trial with Wes’ technical half-brother. Wes also could’ve been targeted by Annalise herself due to the immunity deal that he was about to sign before he was killed later in the fire. On top of that, the fire is in her home. Frank is also likely as he may still have feelings for Laurel and he may have done this to eliminate his competition. Many fans even speculate that Wes may not even be dead, but that this could be a trick pulled by Annalise or someone else to save him from anyone above or another threat.