The Blacklist Season 4, Episode 15, “The Apothecary” Review

Chris Chalker, Staff Writer

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Red speaks to Dembe, telling him he needs to arrange a meeting of the 11 people who had access to Reddington’s offshore account, the one used to finance the attacks against him, kill Zach Smoll, kill Stratos and his wife, and hire Isabella Stone to target Reddington. Dembe tells him this is dangerous, he was right. Next thing we see is Red being treated for something. The doctor believes he was poisoned and only has a day or two to live at tops if it is not treated. Red does not remember what happened the night before, only bits and pieces.


Helen Dahle


Helen Dahle was also poisoned, but not with the same thing as Red,  but by the same person. Known as The Apothecary, he uses venom from various animals to create poisons. Helen has been in the hospital for a long time.


The Apothecary


The Apothecary is a creepy man, he uses venom from various plants and animals, usually reptiles, to create poisons, like the ones used on Helen Dahle and Reddington. He is using the venom to sedate his wife, who would leave him otherwise, and holds her against her will.


Reddington Investigates the Previous Night’s Events


Reddington sets out to do some digging of his own. He finds out from the doctor that talked to him in the opening scene of the episode, that a black man probably dropped him off, that being Dembe Zuma, who is MIA.


Reddington heads to the car Dembe drove him in, he gets in and finds a location he was at the night before. Red enters the house, he finds his fedora laying on the ground, he puts it on and he heads to the garage, opening the trunk to a car, finding a woman inside.


Red asks who the woman is and why she is here. She asks if this is a sick joke, saying that he put her in the trunk.


Dahle and the FBI


Liz and Ressler both do some digging, discovering that Helen Dahle was poisoned by her husband, who was having an affair with another woman. The woman tells them that Helen’s husband is the one who was poisoning Helen. Why? That would be because of the money he would lose if he divorced his wife before their 10th wedding anniversary. The poisoning happened just a little bit before this said wedding anniversary.


Ressler and Liz track down The Apothecary, arresting him at a baby store. His wife, whom he has tied up and sedated so she doesn’t run, is pregnant. The Apothecary deludedly thinks that he is saving people if he helps the FBI and gives them the cures to the poisons. Which are later used on Red. Keen gets an important caall on the wine Red found, but we will get to that in a second.


The Dinner


Reddington continues digging, eventually going to where dinner was held between the closest associates that had access to the account that financed the attacks on him. Red remembers that one man was not present, Marvin Gerard, his attorney. Red tracks down and “visits” Marvin, having sent some wine to the FBI that Marvin gifted him for the dinner to be tested for poisons The Apothecary had.


Marvin Gerard and Conclusion


Red meets with Marvin, fully prepared to kill him for the alleged betrayal. Just in the nick of time, Keen calls Red and gets through. Marvin did not poison Red, the wine turned up clean. Keen says the poison would have to be in something with a higher alcohol content. Red then thinks back, Dembe poured him some scotch before the meeting.

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