Big Brother 20 Hacker Competition Twist

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

The latest twist in Big Brother 20 was announced last Thursday at the end of the live eviction episode. The new twist is the “Hacker Competition” and with the tech themed season so far, this twist makes sense. But what exactly does this twist do and who won the first “Hacker Competition”?


Hacker Competition: What Does It Do?


The twist reportedly has three separate powers that come with winning the competition. What are these three pieces to this twist?


The winner gets to…

  • Remove a houseguest that was nominated by the Head of Household from the chopping block and nominate a new houseguest for eviction. However, the houseguest that the hacker removes is not completely safe as they can still be renominated if the Power of Veto is used.
  • Choose one of the three other houseguests to participate in the Power of Veto Competition.
  • Nullify one eviction vote on eviction night.


All three of these pieces to this new twist are game changing, as this means almost everyone is at risk of being nominated besides the Head of Household, who is automatically safe for the week. On top of this, the new nominee’s chances of having the Power of Veto used on them becomes a lot slimmer if the hacker chooses to pick someone who isn’t working with the nominated houseguest, meaning that people who wouldn’t have been targets under normal circumstances can fall victim to a blindside nomination and maybe even eviction. Speaking of eviction, the ability to nullify an eviction vote in a season where four out of the five evictions that have taken place have been blindsides is a huge things that could greatly tip the scales in the favor of rival alliances “Level Six” and “The Hive”, both of whom have been fighting for control over the house all season. This also means that the Head of Household’s intended target could completely avoid being evicted by the end of the week.


Hacker Competition: Who Won This Competition in Week 6?


Reports have said that houseguest Haleigh Broucher has won the Week 6 Hacker Competition. How the power works, in detail, as well as confirming who won and what becomes of it will be explained in Sunday’s episode of Big Brother. Stay tuned for more information.