Big Brother 20 Week 7 Hacker Competition and Ceremony

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

After 7 weeks of being virtually absent, Haleigh Broucher has finally showed up to the game, winning the Hacker Competition last week and the Head of Household competition last night during the live eviction episode. Since then, Haleigh has nominated Kaycee Clark and Angela Rummans for eviction with the ultimate (and yet likelg unachievable) goal of backdooring Tyler Crispen. With two members of the “Level Six” alliance sitting in both seats on the chopping block, the Hacker Competition is a must-win for the alliance so they can control the votes, nominations, and maybe even the Power of Veto, meaning this is also a do-or-die competition for the “Hive” alliance as well. With both sides duking it out for ultimate control over the course of the week, only one houseguest will emerge victorious and anonymously control the game. But who won the second and final Hacker Competition of Big Brother 20?


Hacker Competition


Kaycee Clark won the Hacker Competition, meaning Level Six has a chance to remain completely untouched by the end of this week so long as they can win the Power of Veto and keep any replacement nominees from the Hive alliance on the block. Kaycee decided to only tell Angela and Tyler that she won. She and Angela plan to pin the Hacker win on Sam and JC. So did Haleigh’s nominations change?


“Hacker Ceremony”


Kaycee decided to remove herself from the block and she decided to renominate Angie Lantry in her place. The goal is for Level Six to win the Power of Veto and send Lantry home by the end of the week. Kaycee has also said that she is going to have Tyler Crispen be the participant that the hacker can select to participate in the Veto Competition. This means that Crispen will likely be joining Broucher, Rummans, and Lantry in the Veto Competition unless something changes.