Big Brother 20 Week 7 Player Rankings

Big Brother 20 Week 7 Player Rankings

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

Week 7 has been a rocky one for both Level Six and The Hive as both alliances fight for control over the house and nominees. Both the Hacker Competition and the Power of Veto Competition were major points of this week as both sides fought for control of everything, but in the end, Level Six came out on top. This week does show how the BB20 houseguests are playing the game at the moment and does so very well, so I feel that it’s appropriate for to start a weekly player ranking, starting this week, on all 10 remaining players in the game to see where they stack up. Players will be ranked from the best spot in the house to the worst.


Tyler Crispen


Tyler was the backdoor target from the get-go this week and he knew that. He had Brett and JC give him information on what the Hive alliance had planned so he could figure out what to do with his Power App, “The Cloud” and by using the information that Haleigh and Scottie offered up when they talked to him, he was able to talk to JC and secure his vote against Rockstar by informing him that a target was growing on his back since he was being found out for his flip-flop style gameplay, gaining JC as an ally moving down the road, which could prove very useful later on. Tyler continues to shift the target off of himself and, thanks to his Veto win this week, will be responsible for sending yet another member of The Hive to the jury… on a Hive member’s Head of Household! As pointed out by Haleigh and Faysal, Tyler has won 5 competitions, those being 1 HOH and 4 POVs (although he chose not to trade for the Veto despite winning the Veto Competition last week), so he should be a target for everyone but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Tyler seems to be in good with most of the houseguests so I would expect him to be safe next week unless Scottie or Faysal manages to win Head of Household.


Love the guy or hate the guy, he’s done an amazing job of getting the rest of the houseguests to target each other while he sits back with yet another competition win under his belt and keeping his Cloud Power App in his pocket for another week. Some have said that he will steamroll his way to the end and others have said that this will turn into BB19 2.0, but I disagree. The only similarity I can possibly see between that and this is a bitter jury giving someone who is undeserving the $500,000 over Tyler. Bitter juries have ruined past seasons and robbed deserving winners of their money, so while he may have the top spot now, he needs to improve his jury management a little as Bayleigh and Rockstar are likely both a little mad at him now, specifically Rockstar after Tyler promised not to screw her over after winning the Power of Veto, which is a promise he did not keep when he used the Veto on Angela instead of her. His management seems to be better than Brett’s though, so who knows what could happen.


Brett Robinson


Brett went from being nominated alongside his best friend in the house in Week 3 and nearly being evicted to being saved and fading into the background until he was once again nominated against another alliance member in Week 5, but once again he was saved and just like in Week 3, Brett has practically dropped off of the face of the earth. He is no longer a target for the Hive alliance and he actually has them convinced that he is working with them, so despite once being a threat to The Hive, he is safe because of his social skills. On top of this, Haleigh trusts Brett enough (or is just stupid enough) to spill all of her plans to Brett, who has, of course, passed that information along to Tyler and Level Six. Brett has done a good job of distancing himself from his actual alliance in Level Six all the while getting in good with and blindsiding his fake alliance in The Hive.


Brett is becoming a good contender to win the whole game, but he still has some work ahead of him, as while he has the social aspect down, he has no competition wins to his name and doesn’t have a ton he can really take credit for at the moment if he is sitting in front of the jury next to Tyler, but if he’s sitting with anyone else next to him, he very well could win but his jury management needs to improve or he will likely become another Paul Abrahamian and lose because of how he treats the soon-to-be jurors. Expect Brett to be safe next week regardless of who wins the next Head of Household and expect him to maybe throw it too so he doesn’t have to show which side of the house he is truly on just yet.


Kaycee Clark


Despite being dubbed as “furniture” by some viewers, Kaycee does have an amazing social game and has proven that she can win competitions. She won this week’s Hacker Competition and anonymously removed herself from the block, renominating Rockstar in a move to hijack Haleigh’s own Head of Household and send one of her closest allies out the door. The move to nominate Rockstar was actually a genius one as Rockstar has proven that she cannot win competitions at all and was the easiest of anyone on the other side to nominate and possibly evict at the end of the week. Had Kaycee nominated Scottie or Faysal, who would have a better chance at winning the Veto, could have potentially won and removed themselves from the block and one of Kaycee’s allies would have gone home for sure. Kaycee then decided to pick Tyler as the Hacker’s choice for the Power of Veto Competition, which worked in her favor as Tyler was able to win the Veto. Kaycee was instrumental in blindsiding Rockstar this week and helped keep her alliance alive this week , so for that, she did good, but her high rating also stems from being able to come out of this week relatively unscathed as she doesn’t appear to be a target for anyone (except maybe Haleigh). Kaycee should be able to coast calmly to the end of this game or maybe even rock the boat and win some competitions and start to wreak havoc on the remnants of the Hive alliance.


JC Mounduix


Another week of Big Brother means another week of JC riding the middle and even though people are starting to catch onto his game, no one is really worried about it except for Scottie. JC continues to work with the Level Six alliance, which he doesn’t know about, and is working with Faysal and the Hive, but his game is starting to show. Despite this, he still gets to sit back and relax for a little bit longer because of the numbers in Level Six and the continual blindsides that have plagued The Hive essentially all season. JC should be safe, but with Rockstar likely leaving, he will probably become a pawn in the coming weeks, but don’t expect him to go anywhere until about Final 5.


Angela Rummans


Like Kaycee, Angela was dubbed as “furniture” by some viewers, but Angela has done more than a lot of these other houseguests (looking at you Hive members) have been able to. She helped to orchestrate the blindsides of both Kaitlyn Herman and Rachel Swindler, the latter of whom was one of her closest friends in the house. Angela then won Head of Household and the Power of Veto the following week and managed to get the loudmouth with a Power App out of the house before she could even use it. While Angela did get her target out last week, she made herself one for the other side of the house but thanks to her alliance, she should be sitting pretty on eviction night as Rockstar is sent to the jury. At the moment, Angela may very well be a target for the Hive alliance but there may also be bigger fish to fry before her. I’d expect Angela to be a backup target or maybe even a backdoor option for The Hive moving forward. Otherwise, she should be safe.


Sam Bledsoe


Sam has had a… weird week to say the least. After being the sole vote to keep Bayleigh last Thursday, she spent most of the night crying and being sad about it. In the following days, Sam seemingly spiraled out of control and appears to have ditched the Level Six side of the house. Various reasons for this have been reported, such as Tyler not checking in with her enough personally, feeling like Tyler didn’t trust her, and feeling jealous of Angela being close to Brett because Sam apparently has a crush on him. Sam seemingly flipped to the Hive side of the house, but who knows what could happen. At the moment, Sam isn’t in a great spot but also isn’t in a horrible spot as she doesn’t seem to be anyone’s target, but very well could be a casualty along the way for either side as they continue to fight for control.


Scottie Salton


“Scottie seems to not be trusted by really anyone” would’ve been a statement I made last week, but Scottie seems to have cemented at least the trust of Haleigh… for now. Not really having a side of the house at the start, Scottie has earned a spot in the Hive alliance. Unfortunately for him, the alliances members are dropping like flies. Scottie is not in a good spot overall as his weasel-like gameplay will catch up to him eventually and he already is not trusted by a vast majority of the house. Should Scottie win Head of Household, who knows who we would target for eviction, probably JC and if that does work then maybe Angela and Kaycee. If Scottie fails to win Head of Household, I would expect him to maybe be sitting up there on the block with Haleigh or Faysal or be a backdoor option for the other side of the house.


Faysal Shafaat


Faysal is not in the greatest of spots at the moment as he is not only greatly outnumbered but has a growing target on his back. While Faysal isn’t terrible at competitions, he certainly isn’t as good as he is cracked up to be and had things played out the exact same way, he could’ve easily been put up and sent to the jury house by the end of this week. Faysal is the most likely target for the Level Six side of the house going forward and could be going home next week if he doesn’t win Head of Household or the Power of Veto. Faysal’s biggest problems stem from his alliance being in total disarray and his seemingly blind faith in JC and Haleigh. While they do manage to win competitions, The Hive alliance is horrible at this game. They can’t vote the same way to save their “Big Brother” lives, they can’t make good game moves, they aren’t loyal and are vocal about distrusting one another, and they are all so gullible and naive to anything anyone says to them. They blame one another when the votes don’t line up the way they expect them to, the perfect example being when Brett stayed in Week 5 over Rachel and Bayleigh believed Rockstar voted to keep Brett when she didn’t, then everyone in the alliance pointed fingers at one another. Faysal puts his trust blindly into JC and Haleigh, both of which do not have his best interests in mind as they are both using him. Faysal will likely be a backdoor target in the coming weeks if he cannot win safety via a competition.


Haleigh Broucher


I would like to put Haleigh at the bottom of this list but since she isn’t on the verge of going home, I really can’t. Haleigh should have just stuck to floating through the game, at least she was good at that. Haleigh wins two competitions and then blows up her entire game by holding a house meeting and exposing herself to Tyler and his alliance as being the hacker, not nominated houseguest Bayleigh Dayton, who was scapegoated as the hacker in order to justify her nomination and eventual backdoor eviction. Flash forward to this week when she wins a Head of Household that was a lot like the Hacker Competition from last week and then tries to backdoor him and fails miserably (and hilariously). Haleigh failed to win the Hacker or Veto and secure her power this week, hypocritically got mad when the hacker messed with her Head of Household, is very likely losing an ally come Thursday night’s eviction, and sewed even further seeds of distrust with her few remaining allies by telling Faysal she doesn’t trust him all the time. Haleigh also made the mistake of trusting Brett, which came back to bite her when she spilled all of her plans to him and he reported all of that information back to Tyler and Level Six and allowed Tyler to secure JC’s vote against Rockstar for the eviction. Easily the highlight of her master plan was trying to pitch to Tyler to remove Rockstar by getting drunk before they talked and also to flirt with him, which did nothing but dig her hole even deeper. Haleigh made herself a huge target, failed to get out her own target, and will likely be taken out and sent to jury next week unless one of her allies wins Head of Household.


Angie “Rockstar” Lantry


  1. This week has been rough for Rockstar. Yes, her alliance has power. Yes, she was safe. But that changed. Being seen as a weak player on the other side of the house made her the easiest target for Kaycee when she won the Hacker Competition this week, so Kaycee did just that. Rockstar didn’t really do herself any favors this week. She went from being safe to nominated. Then she publicly went after Kaycee, which didn’t help her. Despite the Veto Competition player drawings coming out at least kind of favorably for her and bettered her chances of winning the Veto and removing herself from the block, she made the fatal mistake of comparing notes with Tyler during the Veto Competition once or twice, eventually losing the competition to him and more than likely going home on her own allies Head of Household reign. Not only did she lose a competition she could’ve won but she helped get her allies eliminated and helped her enemy win the Veto, which was the final nail in her coffin.