Big Brother 20 Week 12 HOH Competition and Nominations


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor


The aftermath of the Double Eviction on Day 86 left us with the Final 5 houseguests and Level Six down a member. To recap the Double Eviction, Haleigh Broucher was evicted by a unanimous vote to evict. Following her eviction, the houseguests competed in the “Buffering” Head of Household Competition, which Tyler Crispen emerged victorious from. Tyler then nominated Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix for eviction. Angela Rummans won the Power of Veto and she used the Power of Veto to save JC from eviction. Tyler then chose to nominate Brett Robinson as the replacement nominee for eviction and the houseguests evicted him by a unanimous 3-0 vote. Now only Sam Bledsoe, Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans, JC Mounduix, and Kaycee Clark remain in the house for a chance at winning the $500,000 grand prize.


Post-Double Eviction


Tyler did damage control with Sam and JC by telling Sam that Brett was targeting her and by telling JC that this is what he had to do, but JC is mad that Tyler left him in the dark and doesn’t feel like he can trust Tyler fully. JC is kicking himself for trusting Tyler way too much now. JC says that if he wins HOH, he would nominate Tyler. Some bold moves could be in the making depending on the outcome of this Head of Household Competition! Speaking of which, it’s time for the Head of Household Competition to begin.


Head of Household Competition- “BB Flix and Chill”


With Brett gone, the remaining houseguests, except for Tyler as the outgoing Head of Household, must now compete in the next Head of Household Competition. In this competition, houseguests are tasked with selecting Big Brother themed movie posters based on clues given to them. Some clues do work for multiple movie posters however. The h ok houseguests must lock in an answer by hitting one of the three corresponding buttons to select that movie poster. Who ever locks in the correct answer first will earn a point and whoever has the most points at the end of seven rounds will win the title of Head of Household.


Angela manages to beat out Sam, who had 2 points, when JC won the point in the final round of the competition.


Nominations Ceremony


Angela has decided to nominate Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix for eviction, saying that while she has made moves and gotten tons of blood on her hands, JC and Sam have been able to keep their’s relatively clean, so she can’t win against any of them. Who will win the Power of Veto? Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? And who will become the next Head of Household following Wednesday’s advanced week eviction? Stay tuned for those answers.