Love: An Original Poem


Allison Weston, Staff Writer

For when my eyes are awake

For when my body is at ache

I may not be able to move

But my heart will always move for you


I love you with all my heart

And I hope that we will never part

For even if the end is near

There will always be another year


When I feel alone

I will always turn to you

For you are everything to me

Even if I’m nothing to myself


Babe, I know you love me

For what would I do without you

Would leave me dead on ground

With blood flowing out my veins


And just like that you’re gone

Can’t even say till tomorrow

For we are so far away

And the journey’s hard to make


This is my final word

I think I made my point

for I don’t know what’ll happen

All I know is that I want you, with me