The Waltz

A Johnny Green Original Work of Fiction

“So where do we go? like I don’t know after all that?”

“You sure are curious, aren’t you” she responded with a grin. She? They? I’m not entirely sure about their gender. 

“Why do you think of such trivial things, gender, it must be so boring and tiresome to think in such trivial matters such as human concepts.”

“W-Well I.”

“You get flustered too easily, have ever thought about not doing.”

“Freddy, do you know why I pulled you here?” I paused. how… what could she be referring to.

“Why you are in this in-between realm.”

“I’m not entirely sure,” I said fiddling with my fingers nervously.

“It’s because I’ve been interested in you, it’s not like we haven’t waltzed before I think this would make about our third time.” she? said with a grin on her face… something about her felt oh so familiar, and I can’t tell why but my attraction to her was mutual, her face is one I’ve seen before. I can’t tell where though. “Do you not recognize me? I’m sorry I don’t have the same black robe as everyone shows me as having.”

“Wait… you’re”


“I… Oh my, it’s so wonderful to see how have you been?”  I said wrapping her in a hug. She was my old friend from a while ago, Me oh my she was as beautiful as ever, her hair as black as the charcoals that burn in a fire, her fashion sense hasn’t changed, still, the same casual clothes I remember, I hugged her crying.

“You know the least you could’ve done is let me know you’re by my side.”

She giggled and planted a kiss on my head.

“I wanted to, but also keep in mind I’m busy.” I looked up at her void-like eyes with those keyhole pupils.

“So my dearest how’ve you been?” She asked with the tone that would make angels fall to their knees from mere wonderfulness.

“I haven’t been too good but I’m feeling so relieved now that I am with you,” I said as Shakespearian as I could

“No need for the fanciful stuff darling.” She said, clearly enjoying my Shakespearian words of love

“But I can’t help it,” I said hugging her. She stepped back away from me and in our usual meetings she stepped back and held out her hand.

“May I have this dance, my love?” She asked with that usual smile that just lights up a world.

“It would be my honor.” I took her and we waltzed as we usually do. No one around to bother us as we do. Sidestep, and spinning it’s nothing more than true love. I get to look into her most beautiful eyes, black diamonds that shine from the universe around us. The astral plane is so pretty, as we dance through the cosmos around famous landmarks, never was there a sight that could be surpassed by any vision, any foretelling prophecy, nothing.

“Sadly I must return to my work by my love.” we kissed and pulled away. 

I jolted up in bed and looked at my alarm. I bolted and got myself ready and into my car when I noticed a black rose. “I love you so much.”