The Last Podcast on The Left: True Crime Can Be Fun?


  For years true crime in media has been depicted the same way, a serious host talks about the weekly topic of murder and you can usually guess the ending because they foreshadow it so heavily that it ruins the surprise of who killed who and why. Although I’m sure that this setup for an Investigation Discovery show will remain the same for years to come, a podcast named The Last Podcast on the Left has shown the industry a more entertaining way of informing people about true crime. 

When you click on one of the hour-long episodes you can expect to hear about a variety of topics; UFOs, apparitions, murders, conspiracy theories, or the occasional weird creepypasta episode. In these episodes the hosts include personal stories and their comedic take on the subject, whether it’s them talking about the bodies in John Wayne Gacy’s basement or the disgustingly weird hobbies of Albert Fish, you can always expect that at some point in the episode you are going to laugh hysterically. Although it may seem inappropriate for a podcast on murder and conspiracy theorists consist of a cast of comedians, the hosts are respectful to the victims and focus more on the killer than the victims when making jokes about the crime, in a way they bully the bully. 

The hosts all have something about them that makes their take on the subject unique. Marcus Parks is the researcher of the group and really is like the podcast’s anchor, he always brings the others back to the topic at hand and also likes to introduce the viewers to his amazing taste in music and movies. Ben Kissel is the comedian of the podcast and is consistently discussing his dog, his political standpoint, and his enormous size. He brings up a lot of valuable questions about the subject on the audience’s behalf and also helps Marcus keep things on topic. Last but DEFINITELY not least is Henry Zebrowski. Henry is a comedian, an actor, a satanist, a Ufo-ligist, and a conspiracy theorist that brings the most interesting views to the podcast. His takes on subjects are the funniest and he does a lot of comedic impressions of the killers through the episode. 

I have been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now and even though I’m not a weekly listener, it is easy to tune into any topic and not feel as though you missed anything. Only recently have I gotten my sister into the podcast and she is now constantly talking about jokes that were made on the show or talking to her friends about the case discussed. There really is something for everyone in the podcast, whether the comedy or the information on the gruesome it really is an interesting thing to listen to on a car ride.