The Real Issue with the Roseanne Tweet

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

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In March 2018, ABC revived the sitcom Roseanne, which aired for one season and was initially renewed for another season. Last week, it was canceled by ABC following comments made by the series star, Roseanne Barr. Barr’s comments have stirred up a hailstorm of criticism, and leftists trying to use this as a way to further their agendas and go after the president. The comments made by Barr have a deeper meaning to them, and are indicative of a larger underlying issue.

Barr’s comments were directed at Valerie Jarrett, a Senate advisor for President Obama, talking about her race. While no one is supporting Barr’s racist comments, the left has taken this a step too far, going beyond slamming Barr for her comments and instead targeting the president (who else would it be?). Apparently, President Trump endorsed the show, praising the sitcom for how good it was and praising Barr for her performance at “Roseanne Connors” on the show. But because he praised her, the left has taken this as far as to say that he is endorsing and promoting racism and have been awaiting him to comment on Barr and the show being canceled over the poorly drawn conclusion that the president would promote racism. Lately, everything has become a major political issue. From things like feminism to Black Lives Matter, to the presidential election candidates being slandered at every turn, to now, where every little thing becomes an issue that somehow relates or ties back to the White House. The Trump Administration has been plagued by a relentless and untrustworthy media that has put diminishing him and his reputation above doing its own job: reporting the news objectively. Things have become so overly-politicized, politically-motivated, and slanderous, that it’s nothing but toxic to the American people. The media’s bias is against conservatives and Republicans, or against liberals and Democrats, is a disservice to the consumers of their content and does nothing but hurt the public due to their political crusade, especially lately with the Trump Administration. As aforementioned, liberals and other leftists have used the “Roseanne scandal” as it is called by some, to try and target the President for simply endorsing Barr and her show because he liked it.

Things have become far too politically motivated and involved, and it’s an issue. The bias of things has led to distrust by the public in the media and over complicates very simple issues or even things that shouldn’t be issues in the first place. Barr’s comments are just one such example of political parties, more often than not being the left, that have been blown out of proportion in a witch hunt to try and take the president down in any way possible. The issue underlines a deeper problem in our country, politics have divided our country, and the parties do nothing to help the problem; each one pushing their own agenda when it best suits them or politicizing issues that aren’t really political issues to begin with. If things continue the way that they are now, the division will only continue to grow further.

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