What Does Weedsport Think of the US vs. Iran Conflict?

What Does Weedsport Think of the US vs. Iran Conflict?

The US is in the midst of a tricky situation with the Middle Eastern Country Iran. This whole ordeal that we are in the middle of right now originated when President Trump took office and since then tensions have greatly increased. The US has blamed Iran for downing one of our drones, attacking oil tankers and a Saudi oil refinery. Then, on December 27th, just two days after Christmas an American contractor was killed alongside four wounded service members in a base in Northeastern Iraq. Following that attack, we blamed the Iranian backed militia who had ties with Quds force which was led by Soleimani. The US responded by attacks on 5 different locations killing twenty-four militia fighters. Angry protestors attacked the US embassy bought only managed to set fire to the reception area before being driven off by security with zero American casualties. This was called an Iran backed Terrorist attack by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Following this attack, Soleimani was killed by an American drone in Iraq.

Soleimani was the sixty-two-year-old leader of the Iranian military force known as the Quds force. Soleimani has led this force since the late nineties. Soleimani is blamed for the deaths of over six hundred US service members. Soleimani also reported to Ayatollah Khamenei.

After Soleimani’s death tensions reached an all high. After his death Iran made various threats towards the United States sparking countless WW3 and draft memes. These Memes have completely taken over various social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok.

President Trump has made several comments on the matter including, “As long as I am President of the United States Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.” He also stated, “The civilized world must send a clear and unified message to the Iranian regime: You’re campaign of terror, murder and mayhem will be tolerated no longer.”

Earlier this month, Iran launched several ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq housing US servicemen. Thankfully there are zero American casualties from the attack and on January 9th an Iranian commander vows “Harsher revenge”

Weedsport senior Mike Tracy, who has plans of going into the Coast Guard after graduation, shared his opinion on the matter. “I think we killed a terrorist and if people have a problem with that I mean there is something wrong with them. If there are going to be terrorists walking around in the united states and they are gonna have a problem with that they should have a problem with somewhere else too.” When asked what should be done, Mike responded with, “I think we should bomb them. If you drop a bomb there aren’t going to be any more terrorists.”

When Weedsport High School Principal Mr. Fingland was asked the same question he responded with, “I think it’s a complex situation, I think that if there was documented evidence that an attack on Americans or American interests was imminent that there are times when it is appropriate to take action. But we should be thoughtful and purposeful because anytime we engage in anything like that we are putting lives at risk of being endangered. I think those decisions at the highest levels should be made with the utmost care and caution and as an average citizen, I hope that they were and I hope that they continue to be.” There are two similar, but slightly differing opinions from Weedsport student and staff both agreeing that something should be done.

Recently, The New York Times posted an article stating that 11 Americans were being treated for concussions according to the military contradicting the previous zero Americans’ hurt statement made President Trump several days prior. 

So the question on every single American’s mind is what happens next? The answer is most likely nobody knows. No matter what happens, let’s hope it is well thought out and doesn’t put any more innocent lives at risk.