Are Apple’s AirPods the New Technology “Must Have”?

Are Apple's AirPods the New Technology

Keyton Burleson, Staff Member

A huge technology trend that has been growing for the past year is Apple’s AirPods. They are used by people all over the world and are most popular around Christmas time. Many parents panic that they can’t find the perfect gift for their kids, and this year AirPods were for most parents the first thing that came to mind.

Every day at school, it seems that more and more students are showing up with AirPods. Out of nowhere they blew up and not many people know why, but no one is complaining. The cool thing about AirPods is that they are wireless and charge in a portable case that you can charge with a normal iPhone cord. It seems like everything revolves around AirPods. But there are in fact downsides to owning AirPods alone with wired headphones.

Weedsport Sophomore Graeden Manna had the following thoughts about AirPods, “An advantage to having AirPods is there is no wire to get tangled, which is very helpful for saving time. I would recommend AirPods to everyone because of how helpful they are. One bad thing about AirPods is they need to be charged to use them and if they die, then you’re out of music and that’s a real headache. The battery lasts for a while, and after a year of owning them the battery lasts up to a week with no charge.”

Graeden feels strongly that AirPods are the perfect gift for a kid on any occasion, and even though it’s a bit pricey it definitely won’t put you in the hole.

In the end, though, AirPods are not a must have or a need, but they are nice to have just because of their style, comfort, and relevancy. Having the new “thing” is nice, people do that with the new smartphones or televisions. Kids love them and parents love that. The AirPods are something that won’t go out of style overnight, so it’s not like it’s a waste of money if you purchase them.