Peer Pressure is Not Always a Bad Thing

Peer Pressure is Not Always a Bad Thing

Keyton Burleson, Staff Member

Peer pressure is experienced all around the world and is witnessed by many. Peer pressure can be very bad but in some ways, you can find it to be very useful if used correctly. The definition of peer pressure is to influence members of one peer group. In other words, peer pressure is when a friend or foe attempts to influence what you say or do.

Many fall into peer pressure because you might not want to disappoint your friends. Lindsay Mickle, a junior at Weedsport High School gives her opinion on peer pressure. “I feel like peer pressure is something everyone experiences but doesn’t really talk about. It is definitely something that happens at Weedsport, but in my opinion, I don’t think we have a genuine problem with it. When it becomes to be more serious such as drinking or drugs and things like that, people typically respect your opinion and don’t push you to do something you’re not comfortable with. Peer pressure can be used positively if you’re being pressured to do something good. If your body or health is at stake it can be negative. I think if someone is being pressured to do something they aren’t comfortable with, they need to make it known. Like I said before, people don’t have that type of issue here at Weedsport. The best thing to do when your being peer pressured is to just walk away, even if it’s the unpopular thing to do.”

While Mickle brings up many great points, it is important to get a variety of student views to truly understand the issue. Monty Steinman, a sophomore at Weedsport also discussed how he feels about the topic. “Peer pressure is a wild thing because it can lead to infinite outcomes, good or bad. Good peer pressure definitely exists, and it’s something I approve of because people these days are so afraid to step out of their comfort zone when most of the time doing so can lead to some cool memories as long as it’s safe. However, when you’re presented with negative peer pressure I personally don’t struggle with it too much. If it’s something I’m uncomfortable doing then I don’t do it, it’s pretty simple. You’ll find out the people that negatively peer pressure you aren’t the people you wanna hang out around, so in the end, it doesn’t matter what they think.”

Peer pressure may at times be hard to avoid and difficult to reject, but never do something that you know is wrong. If you’re being peer pressured in a negative way it’s important to just walk away, even if it is the unpopular thing to do.