Pourpore Lets His Art Do The Talking

Ben Germinara, Staff Writer

Quiet, controlled, and calm, Adam Pourpore is the Weedsport High School sophomore you may have noticed in his classic grandpa sweaters. Adam is known for being kind and friendly, and understanding of everyone. His biggest achievements in his opinion, thus far, are his achievements in art.

Adam likes to keep himself under the radar, not liking the spotlight that much. This is shown beautifully by him asking “Do they have to use a picture of me?” when I was interviewing him for this article. However, several of his achievements cannot be ignored. He has gotten four pieces into the Three Lakes Sampler, four years in row, and had them displayed in a museum. One of his favorite pieces, a man with half skull, half face, was shown proudly one of those years. “I’ve always loved art, ever since I was young, it’s just always been a passion of mine,” says Adam. He continued by saying “Some of my favorites have been in my art and illustration class over the past couple of years.”

While some of his artwork is based off other’s work, especially Tim Burton’s – one of his favorites – Adam usually uses his artwork to make characters and stories come to life in abstract ways. One such piece was  where you’re given three scraps of paper, and you have to build off of those. With this he made an entire cartoon world, complete with quirky, energetic characters and a unique art style. Adam also loves to put deep spiritual meanings in his pieces, such as a painting heavily dedicated to the Buddhist religion, its symbols and teachings. “I may draw and paint all the time, but I hope to become a director one day.” Adam explains this by saying that art is merely the representation of the stories he wants to tell. “I want to publish my artwork and stories someday, and I’ve gotten a lot of support from my friends.”

His art teacher, Mrs. Fancher, shares his enthusiasm. “Adam has been great this year, all of his pieces have been great and filled with so much detail. He always is on top of his work. I’m excited for what the rest of the year brings.”

When asked about this comment and what he thought the future might bring, Adam merely shrugged and said “I’m not sure. I usually just play it as it goes, but I hope by the end of my high school year to have changed the face of art in Weedsport for a long time.”