Super Smash Bros. Melee: A Look Back at a Classic


Derek Dietsche, Staff Writer

Smash Bros. Melee



Smash Brothers is a fighting game made by Nintendo and Hal laboratory in December 2001, and head of production was Masohira Sakurai, the head of all Smash games. This is unique because it’s the first fighting game that’s a platformer, rather than the 2d style prominently used. The game works on a system where the more you hit the other fighter, the higher their percentage goes, and the higher the percentage, the farther they fly off the screen until they can be knocked off the screen, which loses them a stock or life.

Melee is a player vs. player game (P.V.P), so the game was not made for a story or a plot. However, there is story within the game. It’s based off a kid playing with his toys and his imagination brings the toys alive within his imagination, the final boss Master Hand is the kid’s hand.


As a fighter, Smash is all about gameplay. There are 26 playable characters and each character has unique attacks that vary in uniqueness damage proportion and combo potential, and this varies between each attack, special attack, or aerial attack on every character. For example, Marth’s attack while running or dash attack knocks the enemy behind Marth if he hits, which can change the combo compared to Samus, whose dash attack knocks the target up and in front of her. So, as you can see, every character varies  in what they can do so that opens up the probability for a tier list or a ranking on how good each character is based on the others, where Fox is considered the best character in the game and Pichu Bowser and Kirby are considered the worst characters in the game. There are many different game modes besides just Regular Vs.  mode smash. for example there is classic mode where you take on a variety of computers controlling characters at different difficulty levels this opens up this game to people that may not like the P.V.P aspect of the game.



Super Smash Bros has a very memorable soundtrack, as all the music is original or taken from the other Nintendo games, the characters are based on. Each stage or level you play on has two different possible songs played in the match so there’s a lot of different music within the game.



The game is from 2001, but the graphics are still really great and there are very few visual glitches or screw ups. Each character is well presented and polished, and every attack is well animated.



Super Smash Bros. Melee is a great game for all ages and is fun to play with family or friends or even by yourself and you should definitly check it out.


Story – This game wasn’t meant for story, but it still had some interesting parts to it.


Gameplay – 10  This game defines the platform fighter genre, and really has endless hours worth of fun involved within it.


Sound – A great soundtrack from other Nintendo games never gets old.

Graphics10 – Truly great for its time.