A Look Back at the Semi-Formal Dance


Kascey Relfe, Staff Photographer

On Saturday Feb. 6th, Weedsport Students attended the annual National Honor Society Semi-Formal. This year the NHS donated all of the money (raised from ticket sales) to the SPCA, making our color theme blue and white to honor the SPCA logo. Weedsport experienced a new DJ hoping it would draw in more people to come to the dance, but there is always positives and negatives to every DJ. The dance usually entails a dance off, or a synchronized dance, that always draws students to form a circle around them. As students first walk in there are not many people dancing on the floor, but they usually take many group pictures by the traditional lighted hearts hung on the wall. Semi is the time to pass time, to dance with your friends, as well as dance without worrying about what other people think.