“Dear Sir Silent” An Original Poem

Amanda Brown, Staff Writer

Dear Sir Silent,


Lately I’ve noticed you sitting there in the back of class

It’s supposed to be my spot, but that’s okay

Don’t worry, I’m not writing this letter to yell at you

There’s simply a few things that I’d like to say


The teacher asks the question and you hang your head

You stare at the floor and act like you don’t know what he said

You stumble and mumble, you turn your face away

You just look down at the floor like you’ve got nothing to say


You give into demands as if there’s no option

Without wondering why, you follow ruthless instruction

You form no opinion and you never decide

You let everyone else dictate and you follow their guide


You huddle in your corner and read a sad book

You pretend to do homework hoping that no one will look

You hide from the world ‘cause you’re afraid they might see

But there’s a person who gets it and that person is me


I understand you and I know just how you feel

I understand why you fake everything and cover up what’s real

I understand that you’re quiet but you really want to shout

I understand you want to hide, but at some point, you’ll have to come out



Miss Misunderstood



Please stop staring at the floor

I know you love it dearly

And I’m truly very sorry to tell you this,

But it really isn’t interested, clearly