Walking Dead Set to Return

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Walking Dead Set to Return

Chris Chalker, Staff Writer

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The Walking Dead has gone from one of the best shows on television to being ripped directly from a previously made comic book and having its ratings drop significantly. What can we expect from The Walking Dead and will the show recover from its ratings plummet?

I interviewed Weedsport Sophomore Masen Lamphere for his input on what to expect in the upcoming seven part season (7b).

What are your expectations for season 7b?

Masen: I have a feeling that at the end of season seven they will revolt against Negan and The Saviors. I mean, we saw a lot of that revolt from Carl, he risked his life to see where this base is and to try and kill Negan. Basically, they’re going to have to do something with how Negan is acting and the build up of the characters. So if they don’t revolt they will be in a bad situation, I feel like they have to end this ordeal by the end of season seven.

What were your thoughts on season 7a? How do you think it will compare to season 7b?

Masen: I feel like we will see more shocking things from the characters, like we did with Carl, Jesus went with him but Carl went full swing and went to go kill Negan. So things like that. They have to step it up like they did from season six to season seven.

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