24: Legacy Review, “2:00 PM – 3:00 PM”


Chris Chalker, Staff Writer

24 Legacy rolled out its latest episode to viewers last night. What happened?

Former US Army ranger Eric Carter, played by Corey Hawkins, was tasked with getting a flash drive from another former army ranger, Ben Grimes. The flash drive contains a list of sleeper cells that when activated will launch attacks all across the US. Grimes has given Carter some time to get two million dollars in cash for the drive or Grimes will contact Bin-Khalid’s people and sell it to them. Carter entered a police station, two officers as hostages and he steals the two million, except now, Carter has been boxed in and he can’t escape… or so it seems.

Carter takes the explosive off of one of the cops, blowing a hole in the wall, the other officer is intent on helping Carter, after Carter explains what is really going on. This works until Carter gets closed in by a SWAT team

Out of options, Eric holds officer Bates at gunpoint, threatening to kill him. At the last second, the officers are told to stand down, Keith Mullins, the new director of CTU, has explained the situation. Carter meets up with them after leaving with the cash.

Carter and Mullins disagree on how to about approaching Grimes, Mullins wants to send a team in, but Carter worries that Ben will see them coming, especially since Ben is paranoid.

Nevertheless, Carter arranges the meeting with Ben to give him the money for the drive. Ben tells Carter to meet him at the train station, then instructing Carter to get on the train. A CTU agent, Tommy, is shadowing Carter. Carter and Ben arrive at the station, Ben checks Carter’s bag, confirming he has the cash he requested. Ben then cuts out a stone slab from the station, taking the drive out. Tommy notices a bunch of hostiles approaching, yelling to Carter to get down, Ben seeing this as a betrayal, knocks Carter down and runs, not making it very far before Bin-Khalid’s son stops him, shooting him and taking the flash drive, leaving Grimes behind.

Senator Donovan

Nilaa is in a bad spot now, she has been detained by secret service and Rebecca is preparing to interrogate her. Rebecca talks to Nilaa, who was revealed to have used Rebecca’s former CTU access to give away the identities of The Rangers. Nilaa insists she didn’t do it and that she was on a run at the time. It seems all too easy for it to be Nilaa… That is because it isn’t. It is actually Senator Donovan’s father who accessed the files of those rangers.