24: The Rest of the Legacy

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24: The Rest of the Legacy

Chris Chalker, Staff Writer

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The latest review was a while back. So it’s time to catch back up and see what has happened in the remainder of day TSN.


What has happened in hours 5:00 pm to 12:00 pm?


The Story So Far…


Jadalla Bin-Khalid, the primary antagonist, has attempted to retrieve the damaged list of sleeper cells. The list was stolen from his father, Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, after a raid and mission that supposedly killed the older man. The group behind this? A group of army rangers, which was narrowed down to only two people, thanks to Jadalla being dead-set on revenge for his deceased father. Those two men are Benjamin Grimes and Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins).

Carter and Grimes are both targeted by Jadalla and his men. Both men escape and Carter figures out why the terrorists are after them. The list of sleeper cells that Ben stole unknowingly. Carter arranges to have his brother Isaac watch his wife Nicole while he is away. Carter arranges a deal with CTU (The Counter-Terrorist Unit) and he sets out to retrieve the list from Ben in exchange for a lot of cash. The only way to do so was to break into a police station and deliver the money in the evidence locker from a recent bust to Grimes for the drive. Carter narrowly escapes doing so. Eric leaves with CTU agent Locke to make the arrangement with Ben for the drive. But the terrorists arrive and steal the drive. Ben is injured and Jadalla escapes with the drive.

Carter and Ben break out of CTU and go rogue. Ben offers Eric a way to retrieve the list of sleepers before any of them can be activated. Ben brings Carter to Gabriel, who kills Grimes and later himself, another setback to tracking down Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

Meanwhile, a teenager named Amira and her teacher have made arrangements to attack, being part of a sleeper cell themselves. Amira struggles morally to go through with it.


What’s new?

The last drive.

Amira heads out, her dad still as a hostage in the closet and her brother and her teacher arguing while they make the explosives.

Kashan is injured by the teacher and Amira kills the teacher. Setting out on her own to finish the job for her dead brother. Amira drives to a bridge and ignites the bomb, killing hundreds.

Nicole and Isaac

Following the damage done by Isaac’s people and the loss of trust in his own people, Isaac and Nicole are captured by Jadalla to leverage Eric Carter into getting someone to fix the flash drive of sleeper cells.

Carter uses Andy Shalowitz, the tech analyst of CTU to pretend to fix the drive but fully intending to plant a bug. In exchange, Nicole and Isaac are set free, but Jadalla orders his men to track and recapture them. This fails, however. Isaac brings his people together and they fight to free both Andy and Eric. Upon doing so the building explodes, but not before Eric recognizes Asim Naseri.

Upon doing so, CTU begins to interrogate a now captured Jadalla, and Rebecca had previously delivered her husband, John Donovan’s father, Henry into the welcoming arms of Tony Almeida. Tony interrogates Henry, hoping to get him to admit to giving them a way to Bin-Khalid and the list. Henry doesn’t do this and he is allowed back home reluctantly by CTU.

CTU is attacked by Asim Naseri and Jadalla is freed, meanwhile Senator Donovan, wishing to see his wife Rebecca, is taken by Naseri and Bin-Khalid. Naseri requests that Rebecca surrender herself to them in exchange for John’s life, they fully intend to kill her in front of people and publicize it so she “pays for her crimes.” Rebecca agrees to this and has Carter help her go to the drop off. Donovan is let free before Jadalla is about to light a flare to kill Rebecca. Carter fires a shot and kills Jadalla, the gas soaked stadium field Rebecca surrendered herself on is set ablaze and she yells out to Carter that Ibrahim, who was reunited with his son thanks to Naseri, is alive. How did Bin-Khalid survive the attack by the Rangers? We don’t know yet.


Hour 10:00 pm- 11:00 pm

Rebecca Ingram is gone. Mullins is in a check as of now by Director Simms. Donovan and Carter start a new plan.

With Rebecca now in the hands of Ibrahim and Naseri, the only option is to have CTU track them down before she can be executed. Andy finds something, claiming he found it on Director Simms laptop and he talks to Keith Mullins, the CTU director, about what to do with it. Andy found a picture of Asim Naseri’s daughter. More digging by Shalowitz indicates that Naseri’s daughter was taken by Director Simms, who attempted to use the daughter as blackmail on Naseri, threatening to kill her. Andy and Keith suggest Eric go after this new lead in an attempt to negotiate with Naseri. Carter tracks down Naseri’s daughter, Ara Naseri but before he can escape, Director Simms has sent Tony Almeida and a tactical team into the same area to get rid of the girl.


Hour 11:00 pm- 12:00 am (plus a look ahead a few hours)

The Finale

Carter narrowly escapes the house with Ara. Shooting some of Almeida’s men and breaking Tony’s arm before Senator Donovan calls Tony through Director Simms’ hacked phone (thanks to Andy Shalowitz). Carter arranges a trade with Naseri just moments before Naseri is set to publicly murder Rebecca. Naseri (seemingly) reluctantly accepts the offer and he takes his own and Ibrahim Bin-Khalid’s men out, leaving Ibrahim and accepting the offer to trade Rebecca for Ara. Director Mullins flies with Ara to an embassy and drops Ara off, Carter uses a video chat on his phone to show Asim that Ara is safe and watches her go with Mullins to the embassy. Knowing things are alright with his daughter, Naseri sends Rebecca on his way while Eric quietly tells her that when he gives her the signal she needs to go down so he can take out Ibrahim Bin-Khalid and Asim Naseri. This doesn’t go as planned when Ibrahim gets his hands on a gun and shoots Naseri and attempts to shoot Eric Carter before Rebecca takes the bullet for him.


The ambulance ride and the silent clock

Eric rides with Rebecca to the hospital, Rebecca talks to Carter before arriving at the hospital. She says that “they haunt and consume us.” Upon arrival at the hospital, Rebecca starts to fade away as her husband arrives and he and Carter speak about what happened to get her here. Carter says she took the bullet for him and the people treating her at the moment try to help her but they can’t find a pulse and they can’t return her heartbeat by a defibrillator. Before they cut to commercial, we see the clock but we hear no chime as we usually do. Fans of 24 know that this “silent clock” as many call it, is a “moment of silence” if you will, on the clock that always runs. The silent clock has played numerous times prior to this in the original 24, most notably for the death of Teri Bauer, Jack Bauer’s wife, in season one. The tradition has seemed to carry over into 24: Legacy.


The Finale of the Finale: What’s Next?

Andy speaks to Mullins, he says he is going to take the vacation he has always wanted to. Andy winces from the pain in his leg after being stabbed in it by Jadalla and his men when he and Carter were taken. Keith says he deserves to take that break because he has earned it. He and Andy shake hands showing that the two men, despite their differences in the early stages of this season, have to come to respect each other. Mullins then turns to Mariana, saying she did a good job today.

We see Director Simms open a drawer in his desk, he accesses as safe and takes out a gun.

Senator John Donovan is seen with Rebecca’s body as his campaign manager, Nilaa comes in to talk to him. Shortly after she leaves, Henry Donovan, John’s father, enters the room. He takes the blame for everything that has happened. “The soldiers. Those people on the bridge. Rebecca. It was all me.” Henry tells John that his points went up by nine this morning, to which John says is because of Rebecca. Henry says that if John drops out of the presidential race, he will turn himself in, but if John decides to stay in the race, that he will stay out of prison, but in doing so, he will always have to live with what he is responsible for.

John is told by Nilaa that something happened to DNI Simms. John is later informed that Simms killed himself to avoid facing criminal prosecution and discrediting his name and work for the kidnapping of Ara Naseri, which is likely just a drop in the bucket. The FBI asks why John was with Simms prior to his suicide and John lies slightly, saying he was only there to ask what Simms was doing to find his wife. The FBI agent asks if Simms made any references or allusions to his suicide before he went through with it, to which Donovan says no. Donovan later says to Nilaa that he is not withdrawing from the presidential race.

Carter sees Nicole and the two talk. Isaac left for a while, making good on his word the last time we saw him to leave, possibly with Nicole if she wanted to go with him. Obviously Nicole has stayed. Eric seems to be taking a job at CTU, speaking with Keith Mullins about it after he talks to Nicole. Carter says that he ha seen what this job does to people and that it tears families and lives apart but Nicole says that they can both work with whatever happens and move forward.

That’s it for season one of 24: Legacy. Rebecca Ingram is dead. Eric Carter works for CTU. Nicole Carter and Eric Carter are rebuilding their relationship. Jadalla Bin-Khalid, Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, and Asim Naseri are all dead. Ara is at the embassy. Isaac is gone. Will we see a season two for 24: Legacy? Only time will tell.

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