The 5 Best and Worst Characters of 13 Reasons Why

The 5 Best and Worst Characters of 13 Reasons Why

Editor’s Note: This article takes a look at the characters in 13 Reasons Why who aren’t protagonists – no Hannah or Clay in here.

5 Best


Jeff Atkins-  He wants a future in baseball but struggles in school, so Clay Jensen is his tutor, but Clay realizes that Jeff Atkins was his tutor in life. The most innocent and selfless character in the show, Jeff is always looking to help Clay get with his crush Hannah Baker. #Jeffdeservedbetter

Zach Dempsey- Zach is the star basketball player of the team, and although he is rich and thinks he deserves utmost respect, he has some good qualities. He truly cares about Hannah and his friends. It’s also easily noticeable that his tape is the most harmless and doing honestly nothing that should harm Hannah.

Sheri Holland- A cheerleader; she is popular with others and overall a nice person. Although she might be the cause of Jeff Atkins’ death, she later atones for what she did wrong. She helps an old couple take care of their house and apologizes to Clay. Also, on the last episode she reports herself to the police for what she did.

Justin Foley- Another popular kid and great athlete, Justin has many friends but seems to be a little on edge with a lot of people.  Although Justin has two tapes and isn’t very nice to a lot of people, he is seen to a lot of people as a realistic character. His number one quality is his true love to girlfriend Jess. Even though he has been with a lot of girls, she is the only one he actually cares about. Some may argue that because of his relationship with Bryce he is bad, but you have to remember Justin is treated horrible by his mom and her boyfriend. Bryce controls him by offering a safe space.

Alex-  Alex is another new kid to the school. He easily makes friends with others as he “dresses nice” and is a funny guy. In the end he actually was being fake to keep friends because he was scared of losing them. Another character who feels really bad for what he did. Alex is probably the number one character when it comes to standing for Hannah’s justice (besides Clay of course).

5 Worst


Bryce – Bryce Walker is easily one of the worst characters in cinema since Jar Jar Binks. Before you know he’s a bad person, you see him as nice rich kid who likes to help others. He easily earns number one on this list because of a number of reasons which include being a rapist, a liar, manipulator, and someone who has no respect for women. He is all over just a terrible person.

Courtney – Courtney Crimson is also a terrible person because she likes to blame others to benefit herself, she’s selfish, and she has no shame for her actions. Before you see Courtney’s tape you feel like she’s a nice school girl whose only passion is getting a good GPA. During her tape you see that she pretend to be Hannah’s friend, but only to stab her in the back later on during a dance.

Marcus – Marcus Cooley isn’t as terrible as the two above, but he is also self centered deep down and has a different personality around different people. Before you see Marcus’ tape, you see him as a nice guy who is school president and likes to be an overall good person. After you see his tape, you see him as a person who uses his popularity and smarts against you.

Tyler – Tyler Down makes the list because he was always creeping around and getting into people’s business. Before you see his tape, you see him as the school photographer who is kinda creepy but you don’t really know much about him. After you see the tapes you think he’s weird but also feel sympathy for him because he’s alone and taking pictures to get closer to people.

Jessica – Jessica Davis isn’t that bad in the sense of more what she did on the tape, but by pushing Hannah and Justin away when they need help has put her on here. Before the tape you see her as a popular girl in school dating the team captain. After the tape you simply see her as a girl who let her friend down.