In-Progress Review of Designated Survivor: Season 2


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

Kiefer Sutherland and the gang are back in the second season of ABC’S Designated Survivor. So what exactly happened in the first two episodes of season two?

Spoilers Ahead: If you don’t want to know what happened in “One Year In”, please click off now.

You have been warned.

Episode 1:

The main focus of the episode is on Kirkman dealing with a hijacked flight by Ukrainian nationalists which brings in a personal matter for Kirkman. Seth contemplates his future with the white house and Aaron helps the President with the hijacking while Emily brings in a new person, Lyor Boone, to be the president’s political adviser.

Seth Wright is contemplating leaving, feeling like he is the harbinger of bad news, to quote Emily “you’re not leaving because the ship is sinking, you’re leaving because you feel like you’re the one sinking it”. He looks into another job but he decides to stay after Emily talks to him about it and confronts him after he lied to her. Seth finally decides to stay, speaking to the reporters about why he has been so “grouchy”.

Aaron and Emily attempt to solve the diplomatic issues with Russia and Ukraine in order to get everyone off that plane safely. They eventually uncover that Russia paid these hijackers so they could find “a pretext for war”. Kirkman calls it out for what it is and gets things settled. Great, that means everyone is safe right? Wrong, two passengers were caught in an explosion on the plane and they died, one of them was Kirkman’s friend who served in the peace corps with him.

Lyor starts to rub everyone the wrong way, crossing out things in Seth’s speech (Lyor: “I only had problems with the first two pages”, Seth: “It is two pages”), criticizing Aaron on his choices, and buying all of Emily’s preferred drink and redistributing it elsewhere, the three reluctantly agree with Kirkman to bring him in as the political adviser.

Hannah Wells has been tracking Patrick Lloyd for months now and she finally hit something big. After pretending to be drunk at a bar long enough to get a man to offer to take her home (and by this of course, he means his home), Wells knocks out the man and discovers a USB and puts it into her phone (what kind of phone is this?) and she, with the help of Chuck, finds a few locations Lloyd used, one of them has him on video murdering a man and the guy Hannah knocked out is back with a gun, oh and he just so happens to be an MI-6 agent named Damian Rennett.

The closing scene is of Patrick Lloyd returning to Washington D.C., I guess no one recognizes the man who is public enemy number one after being blamed for murdering the entire government, blowing up the capital and apparently having more in store for everyone. That’s awfully convenient.

Episode 2:

Designated Survivor has it’s fast pace amped up even more in this episode, titled “Sting of the Tail”. Kirkman deals with a major threat and a personal one. Wells and Rennett close in on Patrick Lloyd.

Kirkman’s Major Threat/Wells and Rennett

Wells and Rennett continue to work together and track down Patrick Lloyd, Wells says that she wants to know about everything that Lloyd touched when he tossed the house. They use Chuck to try and track Lloyd down, the best part of this is they literally track him by his ear in surveillance footage (which is apparently just as identifiable as fingerprints), and find out he has an estranged son nearby who hasn’t talked to him in years. The son initially tells the duo that he hasn’t seen his dad, but eventually cracks and told him he showed up this morning. Kirkman has deal with a problem, he promised transparency and wants to tell people that Lloyd is back, but Aaron, Emily, and Lyor all agree that this would only drive people over the edge and cause panic. Kirkman agrees to talk to two senators about the Lloyd situation. This backfires when the Missouri senator leaks a (fake) reason for being at the White House, the president stopping a Missouri base closure. Kirkman is enraged, but things are about to get a whole lot worse for him.

Kirkman’s Personal Threat

Patrick Lloyd is back in D.C. (good thing no one recognizes him, right?), and this time, it’s personal. He decides to make a quick visit to the first lady’s mother’s house and trash the place. Kirkman realizes this is only for Lloyd to prove that he can get to Kirkman’s family if he wants to.

Back to Wells, Lloyd, and Rennett and Conclusion

Hannah and Damian, with Chuck’s help, track down Patrick Lloyd to a shelter he has where he escapes and locks them out. Wells and Rennett then call Kirkman and his team and let them know of the situation and they have to decide very soon on what to do. Chuck cuts off Lloyd’s access to the outside world and redirects it so that any message he sends goes directly to them. Lloyd only sends one message, a statement directly to President Kirkman, saying he has sarin gas and will unleash it unless he is pardoned by the President at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Kirkman decides on a drone attack, after learning that an aerial attack is not a good option and it’s far too late and limited for an evacuation. The drone is sent out to hit the bunker and does so successfully, but not before the other senator of the two from before takes them to court over it not being legal to do this. Aaron has the FBI organize the drone strike over the army, which would make the strike legal. Kirkman realizes Lloyd is doing this because of what happened to his father when he was growing up, so Kirkman tries to talk with him, which he does, but it doesn’t work the way he wanted it to. After the drone hits, they find Lloyd remains and that he had no Sarin gas.

But wait, there’s more, you didn’t think there was more? You must be fooling yourself. Apparently Lloyd found a way around the firewall Chuck set up and uploaded something “to the cloud”… but what is it?