A look at Khalid’s debut album “American Teen”


Jalen Flaherty, Media Publisher/Editor

I’m just going to make it very clear that I am a huge fan of music. Really anything has the potential to draw me in. From current pop to 70’s rock to some Shania Twain, I’m all over it. With that said I should add that even though I have a great appreciation for lots of music, it takes a lot for me to listen to one artist for a long time, or for me to even be able to listen to a whole album and not get bored. Recently, however, I found an artist that I couldn’t get enough of, and even now which is about two months since I’ve first listening to it, and now I’m still listening to it daily.

Khalid Robinson has recently rocked the world with his album titled “American Teen”. Robinson, only nineteen, released this album right after he graduated high school and ever since he’s been recognized by many acclaimed critics and his album placed in the top 10 in Rolling Stone for best albums of the year.

This is an incredible feat for a newcomer in the industry. His album has a strong R&B feel to it that is both unique and relevant enough to get the attention of many different types of people. He has this voice that is ‘one of a kind’ but can easily catch you. Khalid’s first single “Location” gained fame after several celebrities, most notably Kylie Jenner, posted the song to their social media. Aside for being hilariously ironic, the entire song “Location” is about how we are all too dependent on technology.

As a whole, this album shows perfectly what it’s like to be a teenager today. Teenagers today lean on music so much, whether they are going through a tough time and the music helped or they are just looking for some fun music is an outlet for teens. So it’s incredible that a successful teenager it putting out music that can clearly connect to any teen. Also, this album is beneficial for aspiring musicians.

Khalid even wrote some of the songs that are on his album when he was as young as seventeen. He got recognized by Rolling Stone for a song that he wrote in his junior year of high school. So every time a student is in music class and is struggling or doesn’t feel like their song is good enough because they are young they should look at an artist like Khalid Robinson. “American Teen” has a youthful feel to it, but that’s the point. As a society, we need to look at teens or look back at our teen years and recognize how great it was to be a teen, but also how hard it was. From songs like “Let’s Go” which is about how happy Robinson was when he graduated to songs like “Coaster” which is about a hard breakup, this young artist covers it all. Which is why an American Teen like me can’t get enough.

Overall, It’s thought-provoking, fun, and beautifully realistic, and I think that whether you are a hardcore R&B fan or you just like some good music this album is definitely worth the listen.