New Album From The Arctic Monkeys Continues Their Run of Excellence


Derek Dietsche, Production Editor

The Arctic  Monkeys have been around since 2005, and in 2013 their album AM was a huge hit in the United States and Europe. So naturally, when they announced their newest album, along with a worldwide tour, tickets sold instantaneously. As of May 11th with the release of the album, however, this was quickly seen as one their most divisive albums yet. They dropped a methodical chorus-verse-bridge style for a lyric based piano-centric storytelling experience. This album focuses on people with new technology, new habits, and new atmospheres. The album’s setting takes place on a casino and hotel that’s located on the moon in a 1950’s spin on the future.  The song four out of five is a great example of the commercialism Alex Turner the lead singer is trying to portray. He says “Look, you could meet someone you like during the meteor strike”. He does a great job of connecting the moon setting with the point of the song being ad selling and marketing. He does this throughout the album, while each song’s purpose befalls on the singer’s point of view on the situation. One point perspective is a song off the album that shows someone that has been left behind in all of this. The singer is performing to an empty room presumably in a lounge area at the casino he says “I fantasize, I call it quits, I swim with the economists, and I get to the bottom of it for good, by the time reality hits, the chimes of freedom fell to bits.”  Alex Turner and his Arctic Monkeys have made a quality album and I recommend it to any alternative rock fan. I give this album an 8.5/10.


The Arctic Monkeys are known for putting a twist on every album so it’s important to realize anyone that might not like this album could like a past one. Here is a list of some of the greatest songs they have put out by album:


Whatever People say I am is what I’m not: A Certain Romance, a View from the Afternoon


Favourite worst nightmare: Fluorescent Adolescent, 505

Humbug: Cornerstone, Secret Door


Suck it and See: Piledriver Waltz, Love is a Laserquest

AM: R U Mine?,  Snap out of it