Detroit: Become Human Review

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

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Detroit: Become Human is an adventure game that was developed by Quantic Dream. The game released on May 25th, 2018. The game follows the world in 2038, a world in which android servants, who look and functions just like humans, are a common part of everyday life. The game’s three protagonists are all androids themselves and the game shapes around the dialogue and decisions the player makes with each of the three characters.


Below, I will discuss the three protagonists and briefly discuss their storylines as well.




Connor is a detective android sent by Cyberlife, the company who manufactures and sells androids, to assist Lieutenant Hank Anderson in his investigations into several crimes committed by deviant androids (deviant android are androids who go against their programming and gain free will). Connor’s investigation into deviant actions allows him to build a relationship with Hank, build a relationship with Amanda (Connor’s Cyberlife handler), and discover whether Connor himself is a deviant android who has free will or just a machine.




Kara is a servant android who is owned by Todd Williams and used by him to clean the house and take care of him and his daughter, Alice Williams. After witnessing Todd abuse his daughter, Kara decides to break free of her programming and protect Alice, leaving with her and becoming a deviant. From here, Kara can make decisions to help herself and Alice as they try to find help and get to safety.




Markus is a caretaker android who serves Carl Manfred, who acts like a father figure to Markus. Carl’s estranged son Leo Manfred, comes in seeking money and attacks Markus, but Carl tells him not to fight back. After fighting back against Leo or choosing to not fight back at all, Markus is sent to a junkyard. He is told about a place called Jericho by a broken android he finds there. Jericho is a place where androids who have develop free will and become deviant go and hide out away from humans. Markus becomes a prominent figure in Jericho and his actions shape the future for androids as he can lead the charge for equal rights for humans and androids (alongside fellow androids North, Simon, and Josh) and do so through the use of violent or peaceful means. Markus’ story allows for the development of relationships with North, Simon, and Josh, as well as swaying public opinion on androids and the feelings of those residing within Jericho and how they feel about Markus.



I give Detroit: Become Human a 4.5/5. The game’s premise is something that is interesting and unique, the story is very involved and deep, the characters are ones which players can connect with, and the story is almost entirely shaped by the decisions and actions made by the player. Unlike some games with the “illusion of choice”, the game actually proves that your decisions do matter and the choices you make have positive and negative effects.

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