Big Brother 20 Week 4 Nominations


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

With Winston Hines gone, Scottie Salton’s reign as Head of Household (HOH) draws to a close and the power he held last week is back up for grabs and it’s more important than ever as the blindsides have continued for three straight weeks.


Head of Household Competition- “Out On A Limb”


Following Winston’s eviction, the remainder of the house, minus Scottie, competes in the HOH competition. The rules of this HOH are as follows: this competition is an endurance HOH modeled after “the wall”, in which houseguests have to hold onto a wall (or in this case, a “tree”), which leans at an angle for prolonged periods of time while having water, honey, and some other things sprayed at them to add to the difficulty.


After an hour and two minutes, Sam Bledsoe wins this endurance HOH after Tyler Crispen, who was the only other houseguest remaining on his pedestal on the wall agrees to jump down. After getting her HOH room, Sam announces that she will not be talking to anyone or having one-on-one’s and has already decided who the nominees will be, no one will know until the nominations are revealed.


Angie Blows Up On Brett


After being falsely called out by Brett during the live eviction, Angie takes it upon herself to grabs some pots and pans and go around house, instigating and antagonizing Brett by banging on the pots and singing in order to annoy Brett. Brett is pleased by this because yes, it annoys him, but also annoys the whole house and makes Angie look bad.




At the nomination ceremony, Sam reveals her nominations, those being Hayleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman. During her speech, Sam digs into the two women, saying that the way they throw themselves at the men is degrading and disrespectful not only to themselves and the guys they do that to, but to the game itself. Sam’s words, although true for the most part, hurt both nominees, who both begin to cry in the Diary Room.


Will the Power of Veto be used to save either Kaitlyn or Hayleigh from eviction? What more drama will come to the house week? And who will be evicted? Stay tuned to find out.