Big Brother 20 Week 6 Nominations and Hacker Competition


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

Week 6 of Big Brother 20 kicks off with a new Head of Household, a new twist, and a house divided following the eviction of Rachel Swindler, this week is destined to be filled with drama.


After the blindside eviction of Rachel and the crowning of Angela Rummans as the new Head of Household, outgoing Head of Household Bayleigh Dayton confronts Brett Robinson about his eviction speech, saying that he threw her under the bus. Brett calls her “honey” and she flips out and blows up on him.


The houseguests are informed of the Hacker Competition Twist. The winner is granted several powers that can change the game. The powers of the BB Hacker are as follows:


The winner gets to…

  • Remove a houseguest that was nominated by the Head of Household from the chopping block and nominate a new houseguest for eviction, however, the houseguest that the hacker removes is not completely safe as they can still be renominated if the Power of Veto is used.
  • Choose one of the three other houseguests to participate in the Power of Veto Competition.
  • Nullify one eviction vote on eviction night.


Angela considers her options for nominees after hearing about this new twist. She wants to try and backdoor Bayleigh by nominating Scottie Salton and Angie Lantry.




Angela goes through with her plan, she nominated Scottie Salton and Angie Lantry for eviction. But her nominations may not be final as the houseguests set out to compete in the first Hacker Competition.


Hacker Competition- “Crack The Code”


The houseguests will participate in the Hacker Competition, called “Crack The Code”. The goal is to unscramble words related to the game to earn a point, however, only the first three houseguests to successfully unscramble the word will receive a point. The person with the most points after seven rounds will win the role of hacker and can anonymously change the nominees and use the other two perks of the power as well. After seven rounds, Hayleigh Broucher did in fact win the Hacker Competition.


Hacker Results- Part 1


Haleigh has a decision to make ahead of her. Will she remove one of Angela’s nominations? Or will she leave them the same?


Haleigh decided to use her power and remove Scottie Salton, nominating Tyler Crispen as the replacement nominee, saying in the Diary Room that Tyler is riding the middle, has been for too long, and he can’t get away with that any longer.


Will the Power of Veto be used to save Tyler or Angie from eviction? Stay tuned for answers.