Big Brother 20 Week 6 Veto Competition and Ceremony

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Big Brother 20 Week 6 Veto Competition and Ceremony

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

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Following the first-ever Hacker Competition, current Head of Household (HOH) Angela Rummans had her nominations change after the winner of the Hacker Competition, Haleigh Broucher, removed Scottie Salton from the block and nominated Tyler Crispen in his place. Tyler will now compete along with fellow nominated houseguest Angie Lantry, HOH Angela, and three other houseguests in the Week 6 Power of Veto Competition. The winner will have the opportunity to leave the nominations the same or remove either Crispen or Lantry from the block, forcing Rummans to nominate another houseguest for eviction.


Picking Players For The Veto Competition


Only six players will participate in the Veto Competition: the Head of Household, the two nominees, two players selected by random draw, and one houseguest selected anonymously by the hacker.


Haleigh anonymously selected Kaycee Clark to participate in the Veto Competition.


Angela Rummans draws the last two players chips. Both Brett Robinson and Scottie Salton are selected to play.


Power of Veto Competition- “Power Trip”


The goal of this competition is to roll your ball up a two-way ramp, running to each side and pushing it back up the ramp again. If your ball falls once. One repetition of this up, down, up again earns the houseguest a point. If your ball falls, your score resets to zero. The last person to reach the required amount of points in each round is eliminated. The eliminated houseguest will earn a prize or a punishment, but this can be swapped with any of the later received prizes and punishments by the other eliminated houseguests. The last houseguest standing gets to choose between any of the 6 prizes/punishments to take.


Round 1- 25 points required


Scottie, Kaycee, Brett, Tyler, and Angela advance. Angie is eliminated.


Angie claims the sixth place prize in this yankee swap competition, the Power of Veto. As per the rules, those eliminated after Angie can swap for her prize.


Round 2- 35 points required


Scottie, Brett, Tyler, and Kaycee advance. Angela is eliminated.


Angela trades her “Fitness and Food” punishment to Angie for the Power of Veto.


Round 3- 40 points required


Scottie, Brett, and Tyler advance. Kaycee is eliminated.


Kaycee wins a trip to Honolulu. She decides to keep this instead of take the Veto or the punishment.


Round 4- 50 points required


Scottie and Tyler advance. Brett is eliminated.

Brett wins the “Health Nut” punishment. He trades Kaycee for the Honolulu trip.


Round 5- 100 points required


Tyler wins. Scottie placed second.


Scottie wins $5,000. He intends to get the Power of Veto, but Angela talks him down and holds onto the veto. Scottie keeps his $5,000. Tyler wins a punishment called “instagranny”, where he must take care of Jessie Godderz’ grandmother for the week. Tyler decides to trade his punishment to Brett for the Honolulu trip.


Veto Ceremony


Angela decides to use the Power of Veto on Tyler. She nominates Bayleigh in his place, following through with her plan to backdoor Bayleigh. Angela calls her out, believing she is the hacker and tells her that her power trip is over. With this blindside nomination, “The Hive” will lose one of its members in the live eviction episode tomorrow night. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house: Bayleigh or Angie? And who will become the new Head of Household? Stay tuned for those answers.

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