Big Brother 20 Week 6 Eviction and Head of Household Competition


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

Week 6 of Big Brother 20 nears its end, meaning the end of the game for either Angie Lantry and Bayleigh Dayton, both of whom were nominated for eviction by current Head of Household Angela Rummans. To recap the week, Rummans beat out Lantry in a tiebreaker question during the the Head of Household Competition last Thursday. Rummans then nominated houseguests Scottie Salton and Angie Lantry for eviction. With the newly announced Hacker Competition twist taking root, Haleigh Broucher won and anonymously changed Rummans’ nominations, removing Salton from the block and renominating Tyler Crispen in his place. Angela Rummans, Tyler Crispen, Angie Lantry, Scottie Salton, Brett Robinson, and Kaycee Clark all played in the yankee swap themed veto called “Power Trip”, which Crispen emerged victorious from but allowed Angela Rummans to hold onto the Power of Veto. At the Veto Ceremony, Rummans removed Crispen from the block, keeping her ally safe, and nominating Bayleigh Dayton as the replacement nominee. Tonight, either Dayton or Lantry will become the first member of the jury, which will consist of evicted houseguests who get to decide who will win the game. So what has happened inside of the house since Dayton’s nomination?


Post-Veto Ceremony


Bayleigh and Tyler talk a little, with Tyler shutting her down and telling her outright that he is still voting her out.


Brett suffers through his instagranny punishment, dealing with 24 hours of being nagged at and pestered.


Haleigh talks to Bayleigh, the latter of whom speculates that the other side of the house won the Hacker Competition. Haleigh eventually confesses to Bayleigh that she is the hacker. She then decides to call a house meeting and tell everyone… which doesn’t go so well.


Haleigh’s House Meeting


Haleigh confesses that she is the hacker and that several people owe Bayleigh an apology. She says she didn’t put Tyler up for personal reasons. Bayleigh then proceeds to dig the hole she is in even deeper by yelling at Tyler in front of everyone. Tyler calmly defends himself while Bayleigh continues to flip out on him and yell at the top of her lungs. Bayleigh is the biggest hypocrite of them all this season, as she claims she is being treated like trash yet has made numerous racist statements against muslims, particularly Faysal Shafaat (who is muslim), and also making comments about hating white people, but yes, please continue to complain about how you are being treated “like trash”.


Live Vote and Eviction


The live voting went as follows: as always, neither nominee is allowed to vote and neither is the Head of Household. One at a time, the houseguest will cast their votes to evict between nominees Bayleigh Dayton and Angie Lantry. Whoever receives the most votes will be evicted from the Big Brother house.


Tyler Crispen has been prevented from voting by Hayleigh Broucher using her last hacker power.


Kaycee Clark has voted to evict Bayleigh Dayton


Brett Robinson has voted to evict Bayleigh Dayton


Faysal Shafaat has voted to evict Bayleigh Dayton


Scottie Salton has voted to evict Bayleigh Dayton


Hayleigh Broucher has voted to evict Bayleigh Dayton


Sam Bledsoe has voted to Angie Lantry


JC Mounduix has voted to evict Bayleigh Dayton


By a vote of 6-1, Bayleigh Dayton has been evicted from the Big Brother house, placing 11th and becoming the first member of the nine person jury that will decide the winner of this game.


Head of Household Competition- “#Hashtagtoolong”


Houseguest come up in pairs and are tasked with deciphering phrases put into hashtags that are very long and include random capitalizations to throw them off. The houseguests will buzz in and choose one of three answers. Choose the correct one and your opponent is eliminated and you advance. Choose the incorrect answer and your opponent advances and you are eliminated. Whomever advances will choose the next two houseguests to face off and the cycle repeats until only one houseguest is remaining and that houseguest will win the title of Head of Househols for the week. Selected by random draw, Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix must face off first.


Round 1- Sam Bledsoe vs JC Mounduix


JC gets it right, Sam is eliminated. JC picks Angie Lantry and Tyler Crispen to play the next round.


Round 2- Tyler Crispen vs Angie Lantry


Tyler answers incorrectly and is eliminated. Angie advances and picks Kaycee Clark and Brett Robinson to face off in the next round


Round 3- Kaycee Clark vs Brett Robinson


Kaycee answers incorrectly. Brett advances and he picks Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat to face off.


Round 4- Haleigh Broucher vs Faysal Shafaat


Faysal is incorrect. Haleigh advances, picking Scottie Salton and Brett Robinson to face off.


Round 5- Brett Robinson vs Scottie Salton


Brett beats Scottie. He picks Haleigh Broucher and Angie Lantry to face off. 


Round 6- Haleigh Broucher vs Angie Lantry


Haleigh answers correctly and advances. JC and Brett must now face off for the right to face Haleigh Broucher for the title of Head of Household.


Round 7- Brett Robinson vs JC Mounduix


Brett answers incorrectly and is eliminated. JC Mounduix will face Haleigh Broucher in the final round.


Final Round- JC Mounduix vs Haleigh Broucher


Haleigh buzzes in with the correct answer, meaning she is the new Head of Household. This could spell doom for Level Six going into Week 7, but who knows what can happen with the Hacker Competition still in play for one more week.