Big Brother 20 Week 7 House Updates


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

Haleigh Broucher’s Head of Household reign kicks off tonight as Week 7 of Big Brother 20 is now in full swing. Who did Haleigh nominate for eviction and what happened at the Hacker Competition and what did the hacker do at the “Hacker Ceremony”? Let’s get right to it.




Sam Bledsoe had a bit of a breakdown after Bayleigh Dayton was eviction during last Thursday’s eviction episode and was an emotional mess. Haleigh seemed to contemplate nominating her as a result of her sporadic and extremely emotional behavior. In other news, Tyler Crispen told Sam about his power app in an effort to try to get Sam to vote with him and Level Six and send Bayleigh to the jury house, but it didn’t work. Tyler, knowing that he is a target for Haleigh, tries to ensure that he can block any attempt to nominate him by using his Cloud Power App. Haleigh’s plan this week is to backdoor Tyler anyways, so he will be safe either way thanks to his Power App.


Haleigh decided to nominate Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark, who were actually the last two females of this season to be nominated and two of the last four to be (JC and Faysal haven’t been nominated either).




Post-Nomination Ceremony, Level Six realizes how much of an impact the Hacker Competition has and that they need to win it in order to survive the week without losing one of their own. With that in mind, The Hive alliance also sees this competition as crucial moving forward, so both sides will have to duke it out for control of the house as Sam has seemingly flipped to the Hive side of the house and numbers are now more important than anything in this game. So what occurred at the Hacker Competition?


Hacker Competition- “Hack The House”


The houseguests compete in the Hacker Competition shortly after the the Nomination Ceremony. The competition tasks houseguests with recognizing images within the house and recognizing where the image is located within the Big Brother House. If a houseguest answers correctly, they will earn a point. Answer incorrectly and they will not earn a point. Like last week, only the first three people to enter the correct answer will earn a point. Whoever has the most points after 7 rounds will be this week’s BB Hacker. After 7 rounds, Kaycee Clark scores the most points and is the Hacker for the week.


Hacker Ceremony


As previously reported, Kaycee decided to use her hacker power to hack the nominations. She removed herself from the block and nominated Angie Lantry in her place. Meaning the final nominees for the week before the Power of Veto Competition are Angela Rummans and Angie Lantry. Will the Power of Veto be used to save either Angela or Angie from eviction or will the nominations be left the same? Stay tuned to find out.