Big Brother 20 Week 8 Nominations


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

Week 8 is in full swing now as Faysal Shafaat wins Head of Household (HOH) and Angie “Rockstar” Lantry is on her way to the jury house. After narrowly beating out Scottie Salton and Tyler Crispen in the Head of Household Competition, Faysal rose to power, being the eighth houseguest to claim that power in the eight weeks of the game (meaning we have had a new houseguest win Head of Household every single week so far with no one winning twice), but what is Faysal planning to do now that his ally has just walked out to door due to a 5-1 vote? To recap, last week Haleigh Broucher was Head of Household, but since her side (an alliance called “The Hive”) failed to win the week’s Hacker Competition or the Power of Veto, Angie Lantry was nominated by the other side (the “Level Six” alliance) and was evicted. With an ally being evicted for the second week in a row, Faysal’s Head of Household win seems to be just the opportunity the remnants of the Hive alliance needed to try and shift the power and odds in their favor moving forward, but Level Six and JC Mounduix have other plans…


Post-HOH Competition


Faysal sits down with everyone after he gets his HOH room. He asks who voted to keep Angie and Scottie (who did vote to keep her and was the only one to do so) raises his hand. After a few seconds, Brett “confesses” that it was him (which it wasn’t, but this is a part of a plan that JC came up with to keep Tyler, Brett, and the rest if their side safe this week) and says that he voted to keep Angie and feels like most of the house is already against him, so he didn’t explain this right away. Kaycee Clark and Scottie get into an argument when Scottie tries to call Brett out for his lie. After this, JC does even more work to play on Faysal’s emotions towards Haleigh and his distrust of Scottie in an attempt to shift the target. Did it work though?




At the Nomination Ceremony, Faysal nominated Brett Robinson and Scottie Salton for eviction, saying that when he asked about the votes, they both said they were the vote to evict Kaycee and keep Angie, but since there was only one vote to evict Kaycee, one of them is lying. JC’s plan worked and Scottie is the target for the week, but that could change. Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Brett or Scottie from eviction or will the winner chose to leave Faysal’s nominations in place? Stay tuned for answers.