Big Brother 20 Week 10 HOH Competition and Nominations

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Big Brother 20 Week 10 HOH Competition and Nominations

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

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It’s hard to believe that yet another week of Big Brother 20 has come and gone, but that also means that another is just getting started! Week 10 kicked off with a Jury Battle Back and an endurance Head of Household (HOH) Competition and another houseguest rising to power. As we all know, Scottie Salton won the Jury Battle Back and returned to the house after beating Bayleigh Dayton, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and Faysal Shafaat for the spot back in the house.


Head of Household Competition- “Pie in the Sky”


In this competition, houseguests are tasked with holding onto an elevated rope as it swings around the backyard, hitting a floating pie obstacle with each go around of the backyard. Houseguests are not allowed to sit on the disc platforms beneath them on their ropes, but can stand on them. The last houseguest remaining will be crowned the new Head of Household.


JC Mounduix tells us in the Diary Room this is his competition… and then promptly falls to the ground, being the first eliminated.


Sam Bledsoe is being spun around and says that she can’t do this for much longer before giving up. She says that she knows Tyler is the only on that is “in her corner” and is the only one that she wants to win HOH since she couldn’t.


Scottie Salton says in the Diary Room that he has this competition in the bag because he isn’t spinning much like the rest of them are, so he can last longer… but is then hit by the pie good enough for him to spin out of control and he falls.


Brett Robinson says that on one hand, he feels good and feels like he can pull out the win, but on the other hand his arms are sore and hurt really bad. Brett falls, leaving only three houseguests in the competition.


Kaycee Clark is starting to get very nauseous but is determined to stay as long as she can. After being hit by the pie, which is now being moved in a swinging motion, Kaycee slips and her feet fall from under her so she sits on her disc and is eliminated. It is now down to Haleigh Broucher and Tyler Crispen.


Haleigh and Tyler go around several times and neither seems to budge until finally, Haleigh falls and is eliminated. Tyler has won the title of Head of Household! This also makes him the second person to hold the title of HOH twice this season!


Post-HOH Competition


Tyler talks to Haleigh and Scottie to try and figure things out after winning.


JC tries to stir up drama and convince Tyler to do what JC wants him to do, but Tyler is not falling for it and is annoyed by his attempts to stir the pot.


Scottie reveals to Haleigh that the jury members are have made a pact to vote together at the finale. The jurors are apparently planning to bitterly control the jury vote (ugh, not again!) by picking people whom they will not vote for if they make it to the finale, which defeats the point of a jury and gives me horrible deja vu to Big Brother 19’s finale, and Big Brother 18, and Celebrity Big Brother 1, and Big Brother: Over The Top, and you get the picture. Scottie says that he will not be voting that way and will vote based on gameplay in the event that he goes to the jury house, meaning this pact might fail, but it could very well succeed. Oh boy.


Nomination Ceremony


Tyler decided to nominate Scottie Saltonnand Haleigh Broucher for eviction, saying that everyone already voted out Scottie so this is an easy move for him to make and that Haleigh has publicly admitted to going after Tyler, so he would be stupid to not take this chance to put her up.


Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Scottie or Haleigh from eviction? Stay tuned for answers!

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