Big Brother 20 Week 10 Eviction and Head of Household Competition

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Big Brother 20 Week 10 Eviction and Head of Household Competition

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

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It is Day 79 inside the Big Brother house and yet another houseguest is going to be evicted by the end of the night, leaving the Final 7 to fight it out for the $500,000 grand prize. This also means that we only have 20 days left until the winner will be crowned! To recap the weeks events so far, Scottie Salton won the Jury Battle Back and re-entered the game. From there the houseguests, minus Angela Rummans as the outgoing Head of Household at the time, competed in the next Head of Household Competition (an endurance competition called “Pie in the Sky”), which was won by Tyler Crispen, making it his second Head of Household win of the seasons, his fifth win overall, and making him the second houseguest to win the title twice in this season. Tyler nominated Haleigh Broucher and Scottie Salton for eviction and said he didn’t care which one went this week. At the Veto Competition, Tyler Crispen, Haleigh Broucher, and Scottie Salton competed against Kaycee Clark, JC Mounduix, and Sam Bledsoe for the Power of Veto, which Kaycee managed to win, making it her third won overall and her second Veto win. At the Veto Ceremony, Kaycee decided not to use the Power of Veto, leaving Scottie and Haleigh as the final nominees for the week. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house and join the jury?


Post-Veto Ceremony


JC starts to become a bit paranoid about Tyler and Angela getting close. He talks to Brett about taking a shot at Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela. Brett considers this because if JC can get Kaycee or Angela, then Brett can walk away with no blood on his hands.


Scottie spills some information from the jury to Brett. Scottie tells him that as much as Bayleigh, Angie, and Faysal don’t like Brett, they dislike Angela even more. This gets the gears turning in Brett’s head to maybe get Angela or Kaycee next week.


Host Julie Chen sits down with BB16 Winner Derrick Levasseur to talk about the season. Derrick says he is impressed with how Level Six has worked together as an alliance and he says that everyone has played the game so every single one of them can make an argument to win the game if they make it to the end.


Live Vote and Eviction


The live voting went as follows: as always, neither nominee is allowed to vote and neither is the Head of Household, who is only eligible to vote in the event of a tie. One at a time, the houseguests will go to the Diary Room and cast their votes to evict between nominees Scottie Salton and Haleigh Broucher. Whoever receives the most votes will be evicted from the Big Brother house.


Brett Robinson has voted to evict Scottie Salton.


Kaycee Clark has voted to evict Scottie Salton.


Sam Bledsoe has voted to Scottie Salton.


Angela Rummans has voted to evict Scottie Salton.


JC Mounduix has voted to evict Scottie Salton.


By a vote of 5-0, Scottie Salton has been evicted from the Big Brother house once again by another unanimous vote.


Head of Household Competition- “Shell or Highwaters”


Following Scottie’s eviction, the remaining houseguests, besides Tyler as the outgoing Head of Household, compete in the next Head of Household Competition. In this competition, houseguests are tasked with rolling “pearls” down their seaweed ramps into three seashells placed on the ramp. The first houseguest to get all three shells to hold a “pearl” and hit their buzzer will win the title of Head of Household. If no one is able to get all three pearls in their shells and buzz in within three minutes, then who ever got the most pearls in their shells in the quickest time will win the title of Head of Household.


After managing to beat Brett out by exactly one second, Kaycee Clark wins Head of Household for the first time this season!


Who will Kaycee nominate for eviction, who will be evicted, and who will fall victim to the Double Eviction next Thursday? Stay tuned for those answers.

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