Big Brother 20 Finale Look Ahead


Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

As this season of Big Brother gears towards its end, it’s time to evaluate the Final 3 houseguests and the Big Brother jury so far and see who has the best chance of winning the game come finale night next Wednesday. This season so far has had blindsides, flip votes, backstabs, alliances, and deception as two sides of the house struggled for the longest time to control the game in what many are calling the best season of Big Brother in over a decade. Only houseguests JC Mounduix, Kaycee Clark, and Tyler Crispen remain in the fight for the $500,000 grand prize. Most years we see the house struggle between two power alliances but this year has been different and one side was clearly winning and picking the rest of them off. As revealed by Scottie Salton once he re-entered the game, the jury plans to control the votes and winner on finale night. I had the chance to talk to junior Nick Blowers and Mr. Corbin for their input on this season and the jury before finale night.


Q: “The current jury makeup is all members of the same alliance. Do you feel like that can change the mindset of the jurors and maybe even some votes too?”


Nick: In the past, this hasn’t really been a big issue. This year is the same thing, some of the jury members are just salty over what happened.


Mr. Corbin: I absolutely do. The jury is clearly bitter. Haleigh (Broucher) seemed to be the only one who thought rationally about who deserved to win. I think Scottie (Salton) will make a rational decision as well, but I’m not sure about the other ones.


Q: “Some members of the jury have talked about making a pact to control the winner of the game and also to prevent certain people from winning. How do you feel about that and do you think it will work?”


Nick: I think with Haleigh’s beliefs, she’s strongly for Tyler, so I don’t think they will all be voting the same.


Mr. Corbin: I don’t think it will work. When it comes down to it, these jurors are all real strong-willed people who won’t let a pact like this impact their final decision.


Q: “In the last few seasons, people have lost to bitter juries. Do you feel like there should be a change to the format of the show to combat bitter juries or do you think that they should leave it alone?”


Nick: I think it should stay the same because part of the game is knowing that butter juries are possible. You should play knowing that it could be a possibility at the end.


Mr. Corbin: That’s a tough one because I only want to see a change if it was for the better but I don’t know if they can come up with one. I don’t like that these bitter juries keep awarding less deserving players the crown at the end, but I feel at this point it has become a part of the gameplay because people who come onto the show and are fans of the show know that this can happen. Additionally, these kinds of players seem to be able to adapt to it.


Q: “Who do you feel has the best chance to win the game and why?”


Nick: Kaycee because she has no real enemies in the jury, she did very well in competitions, she’s very likeable, she hasn’t been caught lying, she didn’t make Final 2 deals with everyone like Tyler did or float through the game like some people think JC has done.


Mr. Corbin: After last night’s episode, I can’t see Kaycee not winning this season. I think it will be Kaycee and Tyler in the Final 2 and I would be shocked if, after everything we saw in the jury house footage, the jury gave Tyler their votes. Kaycee seems like a slam dunk at this point. It has worked worked really well for her this season because she doesn’t have a ton of blood on her hands, she has won a ton of Vetoes so she has proven that she is a comp beast and in winning those comps, she isn’t making anyone mad.


Q: “Who do you want to see win the game and who do you think will actually win the game and why?”


Nick: I still what Tyler to win. I think he definitely strategized the most. He’s played the best game so far, if he didn’t make so many Final 2s with everyone, then maybe they (the jury) wouldn’t be so bitter. He’s played well up until this point, but those Final 2 deals will make the jury bitter.


Mr. Corbin: I would like to see Tyler win the game. I want him to win because he has played the game hard and well since Day 1, he is a big fan of the game, he wins competitions, he’s made good moves, he is likeable and I do think he is a genuine person. That being said, I would still be ok with Kaycee winning the game.


Q: “What advice would you give to the Final 3 before they compete in the final Head of Household (HOH)?”


Nick: I would say to all of them that they need to be careful who they take to the Final 2 because that may end up screwing you over if you take the wrong person to the end.


Mr. Corbin: I would advise them to really go out and try to win it. At this point in the game, you can’t let anyone else take your fate into their hands and you can’t take these competitions for granted either. I also think the last HOH winner is seen favorably by the jury because it shows that you are winning things.


Q: “What advice would you give to the Final 2 when they face the jury?”


Nick: Honestly, this might be risky, but I would say that you just tell them what they want to hear. It could help secure some votes. I mean, look at Sam (Bledsoe), in that case you have to tell her what she wants to hear. It’s just one way to play the game until the very end.


Mr. Corbin: My advice to the finalists would be when answering the jury’s questions, just try to speak honestly and from the heart. Don’t tell the jurors what they want to hear because they will see right through that. Also, don’t ramble. When you ramble while answering those questions, it’s a sign of not being genuine and that is not going to convince the jury. At this point, they need to convince the jury using honesty. If the jury agrees with how they played, they will be awarded by them in the end.


Well, there you have it. Who will win the final Head of Household, who will become the final member of the jury who will be awarded with the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest, and who will win this season? Stay tuned for those answers!