Insecurities: An Original Poem

Ann Benson, Staff Writer

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Insecurity is like an abusive parent.

Constantly shouting, screaming

Forcing the lies onto your skin.

Breathing in the imperfections

Of your current self.

Pushing you against a wall,

Keeping you from failing,

But preventing you from succeeding.

Insecurity is like a demon in a mirror.

Taunting everytime you cross paths.

Your reflection becoming your own enemy.

His eyes burning a hole in your heart,

His lessons forever engraved in your mind.

Insecurity starts where you begin.

On a stage,

In a house,

In school,

Around friends,


By yourself.

Insecurity is a parasite.

It slowly eats your edges,

Shaping the most perfect imperfect

Version of yourself.

Once its gone, it comes back.

More powerful.

Without the medication or doctor

Visits, you’d be dead.




The mirror only reflects what you show him.

The parent only continues if you hide,

Insecurity is eliminated if you are positive.

All parasites aren’t deadly.

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