Faded Hopes, Roses & Too Late: A Trio of Original Poems

Allison Weston, Staff Member

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Faded Hopes

I lay awake at night hoping and praying
That maybe one day you would come back to me
For I know these hopes will soon fade,
Because you are long gone, and too far away

It’s okay anyway,
I’ve found someone new
I may still love you,
but things will never be the same

I needed to move on
And he’s the only way
Even if I feel your pain
At least I’ll know what I did to you


I can see the world below
I can smell the Roses beside me
For what does this world bring me
If everything I around me is out of reach

The grasp you have on things
Isn’t always tight
So hold on to it with all your might
For you never know what you can lose

Too Late

Too late to say hello
to early to say goodbye
for the words I speak may not be true
cuz this world is just one big lie

You say what you want people to think
You think what you want to say
For this is a cycle of lies
What should we believe?

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