Celebrity Big Brother 2 Kicks Off

Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

12 Celebrity houseguests enter the Big Brother game for the $250,000 grand prize in Celebrity Big Brother 2! How will they fare and who exactly are the Celebrity houseguests this season? Let’s take a look at just that.


Houseguest Introductions


The first six celebrity houseguests to enter the house are: 12 time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte, former WWE wrestler Natalie Eva Marie, former MTV personality Tom Green, winter and summer Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, OJ Simpson trial witness Kato Kaelin, and actress, songwriter, and singer Tamar Braxton.


The Big Brother house follows a distinctive theme of New York City in the 40s this season. It even has pictures of the celebrity houseguests from Celebrity Big Brother 1.


The final six houseguests to enter the Big Brother house are: actor and director Joey Lawrence, mother of Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan, TV host Jonathan Bennett, reality star Kandi Burruss, former NFL player Ricky Williams, and businessman and entrepreneur Anthony Scaramucci.


Host Julie Chen-Moonves sits down the cast to announce the first twist in the game. The first Head of Household (HOH) will be played tonight in pairs, and one member of the winning pair will be crowned the new HOH


Head of Household Competition- “Drinks On Us”


The Head of Household is free from the threat of eviction, but they must nominate two of their fellow housemates for eviction. The competition tasks players with swinging and catching champagne in a large champagne glass, tossing it into their partner’s champagne glass, and then into the large glass at the other end of the yard. Whoever fills their large glass to the point that one of the balls inside the glass falls out will be the winning team, and one of them will be the first Head of Household. But first, what are the teams for this competition? The houseguests picked their partners for the competition and that went as follows.


Only five pairs of the six pairs will be competing in this competition, meaning one pair of celebrities will be sitting out. Selected by random draw, Ryan Lochte gets to pick


Ryan Lochte picked Jonathan Bennett to be his partner.


Jonathan Bennett had to pick the next houseguest to choose their partner and he picked Tamar Braxton.


Tamar Braxton picked Kandi Burruss as her partner. She is attempting to extend the olive branch due to previous drama that existed between the two women.


Kandi Burruss had to pick the next houseguest to choose their partner and she picked Joey Lawrence.


Joey Lawrence picked Ricky Williams to be his partner.


Ricky Williams had to pick the next houseguest to choose their partner and he picked Lolo Jones.


Lolo Jones picked Tom Green to be her partner. She believes picking Tom will help her throw the competition by making her look like a smaller threat.


Tom Green had to pick the next houseguest to choose their partner and he picked Dina Lohan.


Dina Lohan picked Anthony Scaramucci to be her partner.


Kato Kaelin and Natalie Eva Marie were the last two houseguests to picked, so they were automatically paired together, and as a result, they cannot compete. They are, however, completely safe for the week.


Ryan and Jonathan are neck and neck with Tom and Lolo for the lead, but Ryan and Jonathan manage to pull out the win.


Julia Chen-Moonves addresses the second big twist, Ryan and Jonathan must now face off against one another. The winner will become the Head of Household and the loser will become the first nominee of the season and is at risk of going home.


Who will become the first Head of Household and who will become the first nominee of the season? Those answers are to come tomorrow during part two of the Celebrity Big Brother premiere! Stay tuned.