Ms. Barrows Brings Her Enthusiasm Back to the Halls of Weedsport


Jalen Flaherty, Staff Writer

When walking up to Ms. Barrows, it was clear that her enthusiasm lit up the hall. Wearing a very festive Christmas outfit and the evident excitement she had to be interviewed, made it clear that Ms. Barrows is a lively addition to Weedsport High School.

When sitting down with Ms. Barrows, she was an open book right from the get-go. “As an alum of Weedsport I have some fond memories of this building and the staff,” she started off saying when asked about how it felt to be back to the school since she graduated. “It’s weird,” she continued, “But still a lot of things are the same which is refreshing.”

Getting deeper into the interview, I asked about her college experience after Weedsport and why she had chosen to study Spanish and later education. She started telling me about her time spent at Nazareth College, and that she originally wasn’t interested in pursuing Spanish. “Yeah, I was interested in music therapy originally, but then I changed my mind to Spanish which made sense of course because I graduated with a Spanish scholarship.”

Barrows continued saying that while she wasn’t interested in teaching until recently, she had always enjoyed Spanish. Aside from the interview, I also spoke to some of her students and heard nothing but positivity about the new teacher.

As of right now, Ms. Barrows is working towards her Masters Degree at Nazareth while working half time at the school. However, when I asked her about whether she would be interested in staying in Weedsport after achieving her Masters, she eagerly nodded. “If a full time position opens, I would gladly stay, of course if they wanted me to stay,” she said.

Although from what I learned in a very short time about Ms. Barrows is that she is very well liked throughout the middle and high school. A look at the picture at the bottom of this article should let the reader know everything they need to know about her happy students.