Your Guide to Sneaker Culture

Your Guide to Sneaker Culture

Graeden Manna, Staff Member

Trying to get into sneaker culture? Is it tough for you to find the shoes you want? This article may help. Whether it be simply going to Destiny and looking around until you find the shoes you want, or trying to find your grails, this article will have you covered.

Say you walk into Destiny with the intention of buying a new pair of shoes. An obvious option would be Dicks Sporting Goods. They carry a lot of Nike trainers and runners. As for Adidas, they have a decent sized collection of trainers and runners. They do however have a lack of non-general release shoes and some basketball shoes. For more rare shoes you should go to Footaction or Footlocker. For variety go to Finish Line.

When shopping online for limited shoes Use Stockx, Goat, or Eastbay. Stockx only allows you to buyout or bid on new shoes. Goat allows you to find both new and used shoes. Eastbay is only new. The advantage of using Goat and Stockx over eBay or some random person is that the shoes are guaranteed to be authentic. They have specialists that verify this.

Typical mall shops should be used for more common shoes, and Online resale sites should be best used for specific shoes that you want that may not be general release shoes, and Outlets are where you will get the best deals on shoes. However, if you want to get the latest releases you need to enter in raffles at your local Sneaker retail store, or online. Keep all this in mind for next time YOU want a new pair of sneakers.

Here are the places to go online to find the shoes you need: