Help Wanted: Tips for Getting a Job

Graeden Manna , Staff Member

With summer starting very soon, Weedsport students are about to have much more time on their hands. With this free time, I think a good idea would be to get a job. Most high school students are 15 by now and that is the age you can get a job.

But the big question may be, “Why should I get a job?” This is why – with many students in 9th and 10th grade being 15 and 16, you could start saving up to buy a car and much more. Besides buying a car, you could buy a new phone or new shoes or pretty much whatever you want. That’s what is great about having a job – having your own money and not having to rely on your parents and family members to hopefully loan you money.

So, now that you know why to get a job, now you just have to figure out how? Well, the first step is to start searching for places that are hiring. Businesses typically post job openings on the window of their buildings or their websites, or you can simply ask.

The next part of getting a job is your interview. It’s a good idea to dress well and provide good reasons as to why you should get the job, these reasons include attitude work ethic and availability. After the interview, it is a good idea to call back as a way to show that you are still interested in getting the job. So when the warmer weather finally rolls around look into getting a job!