Possible Clubs To Join At WHS!

Jalen Flaherty, Staff Writer

Get Involved!


Weedsport has recently been gaining more and more school clubs and after school activities. If you’re looking for some clubs that will make your high school experience a little more enjoyable, or to expand some of your interests, or you’re just tired of doing nothing after school, then keep reading!


Middle/High School Book Club

If you love to read, then this is the club to join. WHS Librarian, Ms. Speer and eighth grade ELA teacher, Mrs. Smith, have pulled together some amazing young adult novels for students to read throughout the year. Honestly, nothing is better than having other people to talk to, and to share your mutual love of books. If you’re planning on joining now, that’s no problem as you can jump in whenever you want. The High School Book Club is reading the book Paper Towns by John Green and the Middle School Book Club is reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. Meetings are almost always held in the Library, during tenth period. Keep in mind that if you are not interested in the book that is being read right now, then you are welcome to wait until the next book they read that interests you.


Math Team

If you’re good at solving math equations then this might be the club for you! Meetings take place on Thursdays at 7 am, before classes start and most Thursdays during tenth period in Mr. Graziano’s room. The team participates in several different meets and competitions throughout the year. The first meet takes place on Tuesday, October 20. These competitions are made up of team questions, relay questions, and individual questions. Many more members are welcome!


Chess Club

Do you enjoy strategy games? Well, if you do, chess is the perfect for you. Members of the Chess Club meet in Mr. Corbin’s room every Friday during tenth period. Members have tournaments set up between fellow players for practice. They hope to eventually compete against other schools but this is a goal for the more distant future.



What could be more fun than going outside and learning about our environment, and then showing off your skills between schools? Envirothon members meet every Thursday from 5:00 to 6:30 pm in Mr. Lawler’s room. Meetings consist of learning about the environment of New York and specific changes that occur in nature. Competitions take place starting in April. The first competition is the county competition, then if the team wins you move up to states, then nationals. Just last year, Weedsport placed ninth in the state out of 40 teams!


The Johnny Green

Do you love to show your creativity? Whether you’re into writing articles, creative writing, live broadcast, or you even have an eye for art and enjoy drawing cartoons or photography – the school newspaper is the best place to go. Members meet every Wednesday, tenth period, in Mr. Hay’s room. You can join anytime if you want to put some of your work out there, or you want a chance to be part of the Weedsport Morning Report. There is always room for help!


Hopefully some of these options have sparked an interest! Remember to always get involved, whether it be joining a club or maybe starting a new one. Be creative and enjoy this time!