Superstition Turns Into Abuse?

Superstition Turns Into Abuse?

Jalen Flaherty, Staff Writer

Although Halloween is really just a fun time to get candy, most people take it a bit too seriously. According to some people, evil spirits roam on this night, wreaking havoc. While most of this is good fun, overly superstitious people can become extremists in their own right. For example, some well known superstitions are having bad luck by breaking a mirror or from walking under a ladder. But one that is still continually worried about is being in the presence of a black cat. For several years, one of the main signs of Halloween was a black cat – a symbol of both good and bad luck depending on what mythology you’re looking at or what culture you’re researching.

Dating back many years ago, the idea that a black cat crossing your path being bad luck has been fairly popular. Even though this is now mostly a fun joke that is especially used around Halloween, some people still take this a bit too seriously. The original idea began as black cats representing witchery and that one of these evil black cats passing would bring you a lifetime of bad luck. Soon enough this idea was categorized under the many other well known superstitions.

Some people however still take this a bit seriously. Most local shelters refuse to sell black cats near Halloween because of frequent abuse. Some people just buy black cats as a sort of “decoration” around this time, not really intending on fully taking care of a pet. Some shelters have to deal with some people adopting then bringing the cat back shortly after Halloween stating that “It just didn’t work out.” Others are too scared to buy black cats in general, so most animal shelters have an extremely hard time sending any black cats to good homes, no matter the time of year.

However, contrary to most people’s beliefs, most physical abuse stories about sacrificing cats around this creepy holiday are completely false. There really is no running record of any actual abuse cases to theses animals due to any kind of weird holiday tradition. The entire rumor started in order to make this October month a little more interesting, but most aren’t real stories. Of course, if there are any animal abuse stories around this month, it usually sums up to cruel animal abusers that would do this anytime of the year, sadly.

So if you’re planning on enjoying the general festivities of Halloween adopting a cat just for fun isn’t  a good idea. The Johnny Green hopes your Halloween will be fun and safe!