What Has President-Elect Trump Been Up To Lately?

What Has President-Elect Trump Been Up To Lately?

Derek Dietsche, Staff Writer

Although Donald Trump is hit or miss with most of the United States, he was elected President and he’s been working to choose his cabinet and meet up with many other countries. Trump has handpicked members of his cabinet and many are surprised to see some of his choices.

James Mattis is his most famous pick because of his military experience during the invasion of Iraq. He is seen as a strong pick because of this history and his aggressiveness. The critics of James are those that see his opinions on women and transgender soldiers. He has an anti-Obama agenda and he may use that to put away Obama’s two major stands during his era.

Elaine Chao is another interesting pick because of her roots. She is married to Republican Mitch McConnell and she was a labor secretary under former George W. Bush and she might be a strong pick because of her history with government.

A huge choice for Trumps Cabinet is Betsy Devos, although she is an education activist, public education leaders see her as a threat to future funding for public education. He chose her because of her opinions on school choice and possible the increase in charter schools.

Steven Mnuchen is the Treasury Secretary of his campaign and although he has no government experience he was a member of Goldman Sachs. He will be in charge of potential tax reforms.

Donald Trump’s foreign policy has already taken form with planned visits to world leaders across the planet.

In the past he’s made controversial visits to Mexico because of his plans for border control, but he’s done much more than just that with foreign countries. On Jan 27th Japanese Shinzo Abe will visit Trump in America. This is a big deal as both have similar opinions, and Shinzo has made comments about Pearl Harbor and WWII that are very similar to the way we think about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

One of President-Elect Trump’s biggest points is to improve relations with other nations. Russia, China, Japan, Israel, and Taiwan are some of the points he wants to expand our relationship.

Many, including myself, are unsure about Trump, but one thing for sure is he’s working hard to accomplish what he’s out to do