A Student’s Guide to NY State College Options

A Students Guide to NY State College Options

Eric Lin and Derek Dietsche

Many students haven’t decided what their plan is after high school. Some plan on working, some plan on going to the military, and some plan on attending college, but don’t know which choice to make. Others already knows where they’re heading. To help students make a smart decision, we put this article together discussing some college choices in the area. These colleges will help you get ready for the real world.

The University of Buffalo is a good choice for a college. Cheap tuition, high rate of graduated students. Buffalo is a good choice for most students. Offering many choices for your future including a renowned medical program.

Rochester Institute of Technology- Very good college for people which provide career-oriented education. High graduation rate over the past years. The campus is a medium-size campus which is a perfect environment to pursue your dream.

The United States Naval Academy-
Offers free educations while you are participating in the federal service. Helps young men and women to become professional officers of competence, character, and compassion in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.This college is mostly for people who would like to be in the military and having their college expenses being paid off.

Hobart and William Smith-
This great choice presents a college with a wide variety of people. It focuses on Social science as it’s major of choice. It has a bunch of people from different backgrounds, roughly 40% of attendees are out of state. It’s expensive, but notable WHS alumni Biz Chirco said it’s great and they have great staff there.

Ithaca– Very diverse. Offer variety of courses that is mostly focus on music and journalism. If you’re willing to pay a pretty penny, this school will teach you the ins and outs of good performing arts.

Binghamton College- with only 57% of the students being caucasian, it offers diverse cultures from all types of background. It offers a cheap tuition for students who are in New York. Very wide range of subjects to learn at all type of levels. This college also provide many courses with Doctoral degrees.

Cornell and Columbia- Two Ivy League schools where to get in, you need to be a really smart student. These colleges offer a variety of majors that will help you get ready for future. Cornell is a very good science school while Columbia is a very good law school. Both help you prepare for a more advanced career.