Weedsport Odyssey of the Mind Competes at State Competition


Weedsport’s Odyssey of the Mind Team (Ally Sims, Zoe Wejko, Kalista Hamilton, Coach Fletcher, Cassie Stanfield, Abbey Grady get ready to head to the competition in Binghamton.

Cassie Stanfield, Staff Writer

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem solving competition. Each year a list of multiple problems is given out to teams ranging from kindergarten to college. Teams of 5 to 7 choose which problem they would like to solve and over the course of many months they create a set and a skit that meet the requirements. The team then goes to perform their skit at a designated place against other teams from their region. They are also given a spontaneous problem to solve. Spontaneous problems consist of a verbal, hands on or a verbal hands on. Only 5 members at allowed to compete and this encourages students to think outside of the box. Students are then judged on a number of things, and the highest scoring team will advance onto the state competition. This includes teams from all over their state. Weedsport’s high school odyssey team recently made it to the state competition. The New York state competition took place in Binghamton on Saturday, April 8th. Shown below are some pictures from the event (make sure to click on the slideshow and check out all the photos).