Are Women Around the World Unsafe?

Are Women Around the World Unsafe?

Derek Dietsche, Staff Writer


Many women around the world are subject to being seen as less than men just for being born a different sex. Exploring some laws from other nations makes it clear that being born in a “westernized nation” is a good thing, because we’ve come a long ways from viewing women as less than us.

Some laws take away human rights and privileges, some take away mental stability, some even take away physical stability. These laws you can find around the world, and you should be careful if you ever visit these countries.

In Saudi Arabia, women aren’t allowed to drive.That law has existed since 1990 and is still enforced today.

In India and Yemen, marital rape isn’t rape. It is a woman’s job to follow any of her husbands requests.

In Malta, if you are kidnapped and then marry the kidnapper, the kidnapper is not subject to any conviction.

In Nigeria it is okay to beat your wife if you are “correcting” her ways. Leading even to death across the country just by domestic violence.

In Guinea if you have a separate profession or hobby from what your husband wants, he’s permitted to end such hobby.

In any Bahamian country, they have a series of sexist laws against women. These laws state that women are solely property, and rape laws aren’t pro-women, they are for men whose wives have been in sexual conduct with another man.

The same thing goes for men. There are a lot of laws on the planet that may hold someone back from their true freedom.

In the United States, there are primary aggressor laws that aim to make it so women can be protected from domestic violence, but this law can end up being sexist towards men. For example, if a woman is hitting a man and he tries to leave and pushes her out of the way, he could be convicted as if he did the abuse. Also, even in self defense, hitting a woman is mostly seen as the male’s fault. Dr. Charles Corry, a Geophysicist who is the head of the National Coalition for Men  is a leader in defense against male domestic abuse, and he says that even after restraining orders, his ex wife was acquitted of stalking him. This incident led to him spending $160,000 in fees to finally let him feel safe.

Laws that infringe on the rights of men and women can be unfair towards either sex, and it’s time for the world to come to an age of equality and happiness.