Males in Roles and Jobs Commonly Held by Women

Males in Roles and Jobs Commonly Held by Women

Derek Dietsche, Staff Writer


People around the world have a tendency to think women are the best to care for children, and are naturally better caregivers. However, in a world where equality is growing more important every year, most say that women can do any job. But what about the vice versa? Do people feel comfortable with men in jobs that are traditionally held by women workers?

I wanted to find out what Weedsport thinks about men in roles commonly held by women.

Question: If a licensed daycare professional that was a man took care of your daughter, would you feel comfortable? This includes changing their diaper and caring for their medical needs.

Jon Wejko – “In my opinion, men aren’t as nurturing, they are less lenient and are less patient with children.”

Mackenzie VanEpps – “No, I wouldn’t want a situation to happen that I couldn’t control.”

Ben Germinara – “Yes it’s a job not a sex facility, it’s like saying do I trust a male nurse taking care of my grandma. It’s really a silly concept.”

Cassie Stanfield -“If they’re certified and checked then the gender of the employee doesn’t matter.”

Corey Lane – “Of course he’s trained, he’s like background checked. They won’t let some pedophile touch her, ya know?”

Sinclair Babb – “No, I think they should keep men to take care of boys and women to take care of girls. That’s how it should be.”