Weedsport Big Brother 1 Week 1 Player Rankings

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Weedsport Big Brother 1 Week 1 Player Rankings

Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

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Week 1 was the start of Weedsport’s Big Brother 1. 8 houseguests entered the game in a battle to win it all and this week, one of them is going home in the first eviction. This week does show how the WCSBB1 houseguests are playing the game at the moment and does so very well, even if most of them are new players to the game and didn’t know it before so I feel that it’s appropriate for to start a weekly player ranking, starting this week, on all of the players in the game to see where they stack up. Players will be ranked from the best spot in the game to the worst.


Mr. Corbin


Mr. Corbin earns our top spot due to being an obvious target for eviction and yet he still survived the week having not been nominated for eviction or even had his name mentioned before the Veto Ceremony this week. His social game is strong and his alliance with Nick is definitely a strong one. Moving forward, Mr. Corbin will be a formidable opponent, but will anyone wise up and take the shot at him or will he continue to walk away unscathed? Only time will tell.


Nick Blowers


Nick has done well for this week. He managed to avoid being nominated for eviction and he made some promising new allies in Andy, Matt, and Mr. Corbin. The problem is two of them started the week on the block and due to Mr. Corbin’s pact with the other houseguests, Matt could be sent home. Nick’s new allies are going to be a big help to him moving forward. Expect Nick to be safe moving forward unless someone is ready to take a very strategic shot at him.


Andy Sayles


Andy was painted as an early target for his friendship with Matt, but he quickly turned it around by winning the Power of Veto and saving himself. Yes, his greatest ally is still on the block, but Andy did the legwork needed to save himself this week and lay low enough that he should be safe next seek. His clutch veto win is definitely a solid one and if he can keep it up, he will be a very dominating power in the game.


Julianna Buchmann


Julianna earns a medium ground spot for winning safety for the week via the Head of Household competition. She nominated a target, which is a big move to make right from the start, but it seems to be working as her original target, Matt, is still on the block and could go home, but her nomination of Jaden, someone who was intent on working with her moving forward, is something that is somewhat shocking. The best move wasn’t the one she made in terms of naming a replacement nominee, but it is only Week 1. It’s a tough guess between either Jaden or Matt as both seem to be big targets with good social games, so she may just pull this off and get her target out.


Noah Hickok


Noah isn’t in a great spot, nor is he in a bad one. He doesn’t have a lot going on strategically or socially, but he definitely has done himself some good by making good allies out of Jaden and Julianna, both of whom should help him moving forward. Noah has just enough going for him that he should be safe next week, if anything, he will be used as a pawn to evict someone else. Expect Noah to stay where he is moving forward.


Jaden Spencer


Jaden is playing the game surprisingly well. He has a very good social game and made a deal to help keep himself safe in case he went up. Will the deal be enough to save him or will he get the boot? That’s tough to tell, but the numbers can sway any which way at any given point. Jaden has the best social game out of everyone, so that will either greatly help him moving forward or be the final nail in his coffin, as some of his fellow players are starting to see him as a threat already. Jaden seems likely to go up next week of he stays in the game this week, but with the right maneuvers, he can live to fight another week.


Mrs. Weston


Mrs. Weston is still learning the game but she is doing so quickly. She gets a lowers pot for now because she seems to be going with the flow and not testing the waters too quickly, which is never a bad thing this early in the game. With that being said, I’d expect Mrs. Weston to be a target coming up soon unless her allies find safety in a competition win next round die to being a teacher like Mr. Corbin.


Matt Delmar


Matt gets our lowest spot this week for being one of the first two nominees and also being the houseguest who placed last in the first Power of Veto competition. Granted, everyone loves Matt and his social game is very strong, but that makes him a bigger target than he realizes and his lack of alliances will come back to bite him on eviction night. Matt staying is not clear in this eviction and if he does stay, he has some work to do in order to remain safe, as only a few people in the game aren’t after him yet.

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