Weedsport’s Big Brother 1 Week 2 Player Rankings

Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

Week 2 of Weedsport’s Big Brother 1 has come and gone and while last week, 8 houseguests entered the game in a battle to win it all, this week, 7 remain and one is going home… or so it seems. A new twist is in play and it will shake up the game in a big way, but that will be addressed later. Players will be ranked from the best spot in the game to the worst.


Mr. Corbin


Mr. Corbin has done a good job of playing the game well enough that he doesn’t have to sweat going up or needing to win power at the moment. His social game and his alliances have carried him through these first two weeks with no real problems. Despite his name being brought up as a target, Mr. Corbin should still be safe moving forward. Mr. Corbin seems to be the dominant force this season as he is pushing the houseguests to target one another over anyone else, particularly by making two different alliances which production has dubbed “The Pact” and “The Pact II” during weeks 1 and 2 respectively, and using these teo groups to take out his targets and stir up enough drana and tension to keep himself safe. It’s worked so far, but will it work down the line? Only time will tell.


Nick Blowers


Nick played the second best game this week. He managed to win Head of Household and set his sights on Mrs. Weston, a big move for just the second week of the game. His plan was to backdoor her by nominating Noah and Jaden and then using the Veto on Noah to gain favor with him moving forward and nominate Mrs. Weston and have her evicted. His plan worked exceptionally well as Andy won the Power of Veto and used it to veto Noah, just like Nick wanted and Mrs. Weston was nominated and will likely be evicted. His plan worked this time, but will she really go home? It seems that way. Nick is playing very strategically and his alliance with Mr. Corbin is proving to be a vital one. Nick also opened Pandora’s Box and although he gained a prize, the punishment will be seen just moments before the eviction. Expect Nick to be safe moving forward regardless of who is in power.


Andy Sayles


Andy won the Power of Veto for the second week in a row, but his win is causing his name to be thrown out as a target. Andy’s competition wins are starting to draw some unwanted attention, but if he keeps these up, he should be safe. He has Nick working with him and the two will look out for one another going forward, but his social game is a bit lacking otherwise. Andy is a good possible target in the next few rounds, b ut it depends on who will come into power.


Jaden Spencer


Another week, another nomination for Jaden. Two weeks in a row Jaden has sat on the block, but two weeks in a row, Jaden has sat next to the primary target, so he should be safe. Despite his “universal pawn” status, Jaden is actually in a decent spot as no one is seeing him as a threat and his fellow players are underestimating him. Expect Jaden to be nominated once again next week, but he’s not going anywhere soon.


Noah Hickok


Noah played an alright game this week. He laid low, but he was nominated. He handled his first nomination well and didn’t implode his game, si that’s a plus, but he is starting to become a target and moving forward, I would expect him to sit on the block as the target soon unless his allies find power.


Julianna Buchmann


Julianna laid low this week and didn’t do much to improve nor hinder her gameplay. She’s laid low and it seems to be working for her. She is also in good standing with her fellow players, so I would expect her to be safe next round no matter what happens.


Mrs. Weston


Slated as the backdoor target for the week, Mrs. Weston was caught off guard when she was nominated as the replacement. Her biggest downfall was not making the necessary deals and alliances she needed to save herself. I would expect Mrs. Weston to be evicted, but in the unlikely event that she doesn’t, she isn’t then I would expect her to target Nick if she comes into power or be put up again if she doesn’t.