Weedsport’s Big Brother 1 Week 3 Player Rankings

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Weedsport’s Big Brother 1 Week 3 Player Rankings

Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

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Pandora’s Box has shaken up the game and we saw a big shift in power from someone the houseguests had undermined early on in Week 1. With a new HOH and an upcoming Double Eviction, let’s take a look at how the houseguest’s stack up this round of the game. Players are ranked from the best position in the game to the worst.


Mr. Corbin


Mr. Corbin is a high roller this season and is playing well. He’s laying low for now and he has done a fantastic job of socially positioning himself since Matt returned to the game and Mr. Corbin didn’t really need to change too much up this week. He made steps to correct the wrong he had done to Matt, the player he very heavily assisted in blindsiding during the first week. Three weeks have passed and Mr. Corbin has never won a competition, but at this point he hasn’t needed to. Without power, he and Nick are still in total control of the game. Mr. Corbin wanted Matt to target Andy and made that much very clear during their one on one discussion, but Nick thwarted that plan. Mr. Corbin formed an alliance between him, Nick, and Matt to keep them all safe as well, which is a good move with all these things considered. The only bad thing for Mr. Corbin this week is that his name is being thrown out as a target, so he may go up soon if he doesn’t win power and fix his stance in the game.


Matt Delmar


It’s been a very good week for Matt, who went from being unanimously evicted in Week 1 to being brought back through Pandora’s Box, to winning Head of Household against all odds and has control of the week. Matt put himself in a good stance after his return despite the odds not being in his favor. His return and rise to power marks a start of improved gameplay from Matt, but his “top dog” status will likely be outshadowed after this week. Matt has done a good job of strategically positioning himself by realigning with Andy, making a small alliance with Andy, and gaining power. His deal with Nick will prove useful now that Nick won the Power of Veto and it will ensure that one of Matt’s target’s is sent home. Matt can likely sit back these next few rounds and not touch the block, so I would expect Matt to be safe regardless of who wins HOH in the second half of the double eviction.


Nick Blowers


Nick is in the third place spot this round because he secured the nominations this week by winning the Power of Veto and in doing so secured another ally in Matt, making his return to the game beneficial to Nick. Nick only loses to Matt because of Matt’s control over the Week, but ultimately, Nick will work with Corbin to control this round due to Jaden’s power to nullify a vote, so he has control over that. Nick should be safe in the second round of the double eviction.


Andrew Sayles


I struggled with where to place Andy this round because while he isn’t playing great, he also isn’t playing bad. He laid low this week and avoided the block. He’s in good standing with Matt and Nick and only a few people see him as a threat, but his name is being thrown out as a target moving forward, so while his path may be clear as of now, I would expect Jaden to nullify his vote in the Week 3 eviction and I would also expect things to be a bit rough for Andy going forward. If he doesn’t find power, expect him to hit the block soon.


Jaden Spencer


This is the third time that Jaden is on the block and the third time in a row at that. He will likely be saved this week, but this is more due to his opening of the second Pandora’s Box than anything else. Jaden has played well, but with the departure of Mrs. Weston in the last round and the probable loss of Noah in this round, it seems like Jaden will have a very tough time moving forward and he could be in danger during the Double Eviction.


Julianna Buchmann


Julianna seems to be losing her allies left and right. Last week, Mrs. Weston was evicted and this week, Julianna survived the nomination ceremon and the Veto ceremony, but it appears as though her ride-or-die Noah will be voted out and sent packing in the first round of the Double Eviction. Julianna could be a target just for being an outsider and she hasn’t done much to improve her position, but she still seems to have solid relationships with the other houseguests, so she may just survive the Double Eviction.


Noah Hickok


Noah is in our last spot this round for his gameplay. While he has a good social game, it isn’t enough to keep him from avoiding the block this round and people realize that he’s a threat moving forward. After narrowly losing HOH this round, Noah found himself sitting next to Jaden, one of his only remaining allies, and when he lost the Power of Veto, his chances of staying were slim, but now with Jaden nullifying a vote, it seems almost certain that Jaden will be staying and Noah will be heading home in the first round of the Double Eviction. If Noah manages to survive, I would expect him to be a target in the second half of the double eviction.

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